Child’s Play!


Hi there!


……” I follow a very strict beauty routine, which 
comprises of a cream cleanser, a toner, an eye cream,
a serum, a day cream, a night cream and a tinted
sunscreen during the day.
It takes me some time to put all these on my face
every morning and every night, all the year round.

For the last six months I’ve been trying to simplify
my whole life.
I want to make things easier and quicker for me,
as well as reducing daily stress.
This is my goal at the moment, and it includes my
beauty routine, too.

I happen to be a natural health addict, so I am
determined to start using not only less but also
more pure products on my face.
That means I’m going to make my own cosmetics
using clean and unrefined home ingredients ……”

Izzy said to me last week, looking really set in her mind.


Bumblebee on Yellow Flower


Aesthetic Principle


You read every day how all these toxic chemicals the
companies use in your skin care products can be
damaging to
your health.
But the only way to avoid all these toxins is to make
your own skin care products.

Certainly there are many reasons to make your own
cosmetics like,

    you have full control of all the ingredients used,
*     you avoid all chemicals, toxins, additives and preservatives,
*     they will be gentler on your skin,
    they will be a much healthier solution,
    they are easy to make in your kitchen,
*     natural ingredients can be more effective on your skin.

The top most important creme to keep the external layers
of your skin smooth, soft, elastic and flexible is a moisturizer.

This vital emulsion will keep your skin well hydrated and
maintain your youthful looks for much longer.


Margaritas with Bumblebee


Ways And Means


Here are a few basic and very simple to make suggestions
for you to try out:

Soothing Cleanser

10 tablespoons pure organic almond milk
5 teaspoons pure organic almond oil
5 teaspoons pure thyme honey

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a bottle.
Apply on your face and neck using a pure cotton beauty
every morning and every night.
Keep refrigerated.

Refreshing Toner

1 cup pure organic coconut water
1 teaspoon lime juice

Mix the ingredients together and store in a bottle.
Apply on your face and neck using a pure cotton beauty
every morning and every night after the cleanser.
Keep refrigerated.

Eye Cream

2 tablespoons pure organic coconut creme ( moisturizer )
2 capsules Vitamin E  ( antioxidant, firming )
2 capsules Evening Primrose Oil   ( anti-ageing )

Place the coconut creme in a bowl.
Open all capsules and mix into the creme.
Mix well all ingredients together.
Place in a jar and store in a dry cool place.

Apply the cream every morning and every night.


Lavender with Bumblebees


Natural Moisturizer

1/2 cup pure organic coconut creme
4 capsules Vitamin E
10 drops pure Lavender or Rose Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together, place in a jar and
store in a dry and cool place.

Use a small amount of the cream on your face and
neck every
morning and every night.

Quick Exfoliator

Squeeze the juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lemon, depending on
its size, on a pure cotton beauty pad.
Apply on your face and neck.
Leave for 30 to 40 minutes.
Clean your face as usual.

Making your own skin care products will benefit
you in many ways.
Not only you will be putting on your face the most
natural and pure ingredients, but also they will
be the most safe and efficient.

Good luck !!





The Jazz!


Hi there!


Ady was a busy woman only in her early 40s.
For the last six months she was following
a reducing diet very low in protein, because she
wanted to lose the weight she had accumulated
during the last year.

This diet is killing me;   my skin has changed
awfully it’s sagging and deeply wrinkled “,
she said one day breathing out heavily.

Every morning she looked herself in the mirror,
remembering those old days when her face skin
was soft and resilient, luminous and bright.
She felt very agitated and depressed.

I want to be slim, but what a price to pay for
reaching this goal!   I now look fifteen years older
than my actual age , she thought;    
and immediately felt she was ready and decided to
forget all about her strict diet and losing any more
weight, and start eating properly again.


White dress beauty


Tiger By The Tail


Your skin is attacked and irritated every day
by stress, the environment and your hormones.
Also the two main factors that influence the
quality of your skin are your general lifestyle
and your genetic inheritance.

Your old cells age and are constantly replaced
young ones, which need a steady supply of
nutrients to support their growth.

Beautiful and glowing skin has become an
for most people these days;
do consider though, that the foundation of your
beauty is not expensive creams and cosmetic
surgeries    but your daily diet.

A wholesome, healthful and nutritious diet to
provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals and
chemicals will help maintain, repair and enhance
your skin’s overall health.
It will also help minimize all skin conditions,
wrinkles and the total ageing appearance.


Bkue Dress Beauty


Moveable Feast


Ensure that you eat the following foods to keep
your skin smooth and elastic as well as glowing,
and able to fight age related damage:

a)     Water and herbal teas to cleanse, hydrate
and purify the whole body.

b)     Protein in its complete form, as in meats, fish,
and eggs so that your body can repair itself and
keep the skin firm.

c)     Silica foods, like whole grains, cucumber and
asparagus to maintain the health of all connective
tissues in the body.

d)     Isoflavones in soya foods to fight wrinkles
and general ageing.

e)     Lutein foods, like courgettes, broccoli and 
spinach to protect the skin from the sun’s
UV damage. 

f)     Carotenoids in foods like sweet potatoes
and carrots for their antioxidant content to give
a healthy glow.

g)     Lycopene foods, like tomatoes and watermelon
to prevent age spots.


Seated Beauty


h)     Sulfur foods, like onions, garlic and eggs to
help the body with its detoxification process.

i)      Selenium foods, like brazil nuts, seeds and
whole wheat bread to promote tissue elasticity
and firmness.

j)     Zinc foods, like beef, lamb and spinach to
boost collagen production and protect the skin
from the harmful sun’s UV rays.

k)     Vitamin E foods, like vegetable oils and
nuts to fight free radicals and prevent the skin’s
premature ageing.

l)     Omega 3 oil rich foods, like all fatty fish
to repair the skin and keep it moisturised and
flexible for longer.

m)    Vitamin A foods, like liver, butter and eggs
for skin repair and general maintenance.

n)     Astaxanthin foods, like wild salmon and
shellfish to maintain and enhance the skin’s

o)     Potassium foods, like beans, potatoes and
bananas to keep the skin hydrated.

p)     Vitamin C foods, like peppers, kiwi and
broccoli to fight free radicals, synthesize collagen
and to keep the skin soft.

q)     Flavonols in dark chocolate (cocoa) to
maintain supple skin.

So forget expensive cosmetics in the hope that
you will look fresh and young forever, and combine
most of the above mentioned nutrients in your
daily diet to start seeing the benefits.

By changing your diet your skin will look so healthy
that you will erase many years from your face.

Bon Appetit!





Hi there!


Livi was a very busy woman of 52 with an
exciting life, but with very bad eating habits.
She was very conscious of her overindulging
in unhealthy foods without considering the
consequences of doing so.

She did believe though that her face skin was
the proof of her poor and thoughtless diet
My skin looks that of a much older woman;
It is very dry, I have wrinkles and a lot of sagging .

She said to her friend while drinking her usual
cup of strong coffee.
Perhaps it’s time for me to start examining
ways to improve my diet and consider my
nutrition seriously.
I believe that this will slow down this accelerated
ageing on my face skin .

Since then Livi started following a healthful and
nutritious diet daily.
One morning a few weeks later looking herself
in the mirror she exclaimed, my skin feels softer,
brighter and so much fresher now.
That’s it!   I’ll never go back to my old eating
habits ” ……….


Sun Among Clouds


Absolute Rule


Every woman wants to look her best;
and although most women aim to make the
most of their face skins to look years
younger, many only wish to boost their
best advantages and look great for what
they already own.

Certainly we all know that our skin’s
appearance will make us look either older
or younger, even with up to 10 or 15
years difference sometimes, irrespective
of our actual age.

Establishing a healthy, straightforward
beauty daily routine is the main and most
important step to show your love to your
body, at any age.


Sun on the sea


Treasure Trove


You do not need to do a lot to look your
best.   Just pay attention to the following:

a)     According to research the major cause
of wrinkles  ( excludes old age is UV
light damage to the skin.
Make  certain you always wear UVA and UVB
protection face creams with SPF 30 plus
during the day for protection.

b)     Omega 3 fatty acids  (ALA)  in chia seeds,
flax seeds and hemp seeds are very beneficial
for skin health.
Try to include the above mentioned seeds in
your diet regularly.

c)     Repeated facial expressions create
indentations underneath the surface of the
skin.   As the time goes these impressions
will become wrinkles.
Always control your face expressions and
wear reading and sun glasses, as necessary.

d)     Avoid washing your face with soaps
because you will remove all natural oils and
moisture from the skin’s surface and
cause lines.
Rinse with clean, cool water every morning
and use a cream cleanser and a hydrating toner
Follow with your anti-ageing day cream, eye
cream, and sun protection
on top.
At night, repeat the same but instead of the
creams you can use an anti-ageing serum
massaging your face gently.

e)     Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week
using a natural agent like, lemon juice.
Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton bud
and apply to your face and neck skins.
Do this at night 30 minutes or so before
you do your beauty routine.


Sun Over a Tree


End Piece


Remember that the skin is exposed to many
external attacks like, pollution and
environmental poisons.
Also as the years go it ages naturally and
according to our inherited genes.

Consequently, mindful skin care and total
lifestyle choices can make a big difference.
The following steps will also contribute to
a healthy skin.

a)     Eat a nutritious diet rich in vitamins
and minerals, and especially vitamins C
and E.
Also, keep hydrated with lots of liquids
during the day to encourage collagen

b)     Remove all stressors from your life as
much as possible, because stress is very
ageing to the skin, by using exercise,
relaxation and meditation.

c)     Try to sleep around 7 hours every night,
because sleep helps the skin to look fresher.  

Finally, instead of making this narcissistic
attempt to stay an ageless beauty forever
and always worry about the state of your
skin, cultivate a positive self image.

Self awareness is really priceless!  








Hi there!


My one and only friend called this morning
and asked me to meet her for a drink.
I was surprised at this early call, but she
a bit worried, as if she was in some
kind of 
trouble, so I agreed to go and see her
at our
treasured coffee place.

She was there waiting, looking upset
and frightened.
While looking myself in the mirror this
morning, I suddenly realised my lower jaw
is getting saggy and I am developing very
deep creases between my eyebrows she
said looking terrified.

These horrifying signs of growing older
make me feel so sad and anxious.
Already my hair has thinned out;   I’m
falling apart and I don’t know how to
handle this   she continued …..


One redhed beauty


About – Face


Age comes about with its ruthless
results for our skin.
Although it
is impossible for us to reverse
painful process of ageing, we can
still fight the
undesirable and unwelcome
We can k
eep our skin in satisfactory condition
with specific care and consideration.

Essential and cooking oils have been
used since ancient times for calming,
strengthening, moisturising and
rejuvenating the skin as well as promoting
a younger appearance.

Essential and cooking oils are a very
intelligent choice to nourish and renew
the skin as well as to minimize age spots
and wrinkles, and maintain elasticity.


Two brunettes


Guardian Angels


Here are the top rescuers:

Pure Essential Oils

a)   Geranium Oil:
It balances the skin tone to look even.
It lightens spots and scars.
Mix 1-3 drops with 1 teaspoon of almond oil
and massage the skin.

b)     Rose Oil:
It hydrates the ageing skin.
It maintains the skin’s elasticity.
Can be used net to massage the skin.

c)     Lavender Oil:
It is excellent for ageing skin.
It protects from UV sunrays.
It regenerates the skin.
Can be used net to masssage the skin.


Extra Virgin Cooking Oils

a)     Coconut oil:
Best anti-oxidant to prevent skin

Massage all over liberally.

b)     Olive oil:
Rich in vitamins and chemicals.

Massage all over generously.

c)     Avocado Oil:
Full of nutrients ideal for dry skin.
It keeps the cells and tissues healthy
when applied topically.

Always avoid getting any oils in your
eyes, nose or ears.




Bottom Line


As we grow older natural processes
and changes take place in our whole body
including our skin.

Facial skin is very fragile, and being the
most exposed and unprotected part of
our body it always shows signs of stress
and hardship.

Besides natural ageing, sunlight, weather
conditions and various bad habits all
contribute to this relentless and neverending

Together with mosturising your skin regularly,
using pure oils as an extra treatment will
contribute to the reduction of the signs of
ageing skin.

Remember though that there is no miracle
cure until now, which can turn back the
clock on our skin ageing process.

Start using your pure oils today and see
the results before too long.








Hi there!


Last night I had a disturbing dream, so this morning
I woke up feeling agitated.
As usually, my first move was to look myself in the
bathroom mirror — and that was it!

I have just noticed these two soft bags under my eyes.
“What is happening to me?
Am I sick?”  I wondered, sensing anxiety coming on.

I know I have been under stress lately due to my life’s
circumstances, but I didn’t
think that this could ever
cause puffiness
under my beautiful eyes.

I finished my morning skin care routine, dressed and
I decided to go for a walk
by the sea.
Gazing the horizon relaxed
my spirit, and the cool
sea breeze
cleared my head.


Vision-04 Vision-03


Soul Windows


The eyes are the most mesmerizing feature in the face.
They are the most captivating
and alluring facial feature
to attract the
opposite sex;   and with which we can
express very many things.

The eyes are the windows through which we view the
world and gather information.
Everyone wants a gorgeous and youthful look, but when
we have under eye bags
and puffiness we look old,
tired and sick.

Certainly a number of reasons can cause this undesirable
problem — and the most
common ones are natural ageing,
chronic stress and bad nutrition and lifestyle.


Vision-05 Vision-06


G u i d e l i n e s


 1)     Drink healthy liquids avoiding dehydrating drinks like coffee
and alcohol to remove excess
salt from the body;
and reduce your salt intake,
especially at night.

2)     Eat a healthy, clean diet avoiding all processed foods, and
including beans and sweet potatoes (Potassium)
and all green
vegetables and herbs (Vitamin K).

3)     Place something cold on your eyes like: cold cucumber
slices, cold tea bags, cold potato slices,
cooling eye gel mask,
cold saline water swabs or
cold tablespoons for 10 minutes.

4)     Take deep breaths and try to sleep 7 hours, preferably
on your back with 2 pillows or switch
sides often to avoid
the collection of fluids
under the eyes.

5)     Use the appropriate eye cream according to your age,
morning and night.

6)     Walk daily to move the fluids through your body,
and rest enough.


Vision-02 Vision-01


I n e v i t a b i l i t y


Sagging skin all over the body including the face is an
unavoidable part of ageing.
A number of people are prone to under eye bags and
puffiness due to heredity;
and obviously, as we
grow older these
problems become more evident.

You have to learn to accept your look as it develops.
The best tactics are to smile
a lot and draw attention
to other features
on yourself.





Hi there!

She was a very glamorous woman, with blonde modern
styled hair, beautiful green eyes and full red lips;
but at middle age now she had already started showing
her age.

“You are a very impressive man; try to live in the
moment” she said and sipped her exclusive brandy.

“I can come and see you at your place, any time”
he whispered cunningly.
“Yes, I’d like that very much” she replied smiling
showing her wonderfully shaped bright teeth.


On The Rocks


As we grow older our skin starts to develop character
lines and wrinkles, which gradually deepen.

Obviously genetic inheritance is a very big factor,
but our lifestyle habits and the environment also
make an important contribution.

Although we can never stop ageing there are certain
steps we can take to delay wrinkles from appearing
and deepening — even erasing them temporarily.

We need to,


(A)  Stimulate collagen and elastin production.

(B)  Prevent free radicals from damaging our skin.


Capsules Face Sauna


Quick Fixes


1)  Massage your skin on a daily basis for better
circulation and tightening of tissues.

2)  Steam your face from time to time to clean the
pores and soften the surface.

3)  Use moisturising creams containing hydroxy acids
to help with existing wrinkles.

4)  Always use a sunscreen SPF 50 to protect
your face from the sun when outside.

5)  Eat Hyaluronic Acid foods like, meats, soy and
whole grains to prevent dryness.

6)  Take antioxidant vitamins A (Beta Carotene), C, E and
to fight free radical damage.

We must consider ourselves very lucky living in these

modern times.
Today we have the knowledge and the right skincare
products to maintain our skin’s youthful appearance.

Wrinkles are not an inescapable fact any more.
Scientific research is being done every day finding
ways to rejuvenate our skin.

Now, not only we can dream of fresher and smoother
skin but we can make it reality — even if it is only
on a temporary basis.




Mystic Beauty!




Perfection (Tελειότης) is just a philosophical theory with roots
back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Nothing is perfect in life;  and this includes our skin.
A fastidious skin care regimen though, can contribute to a
healthy complexion.

Apart from our genetic inheritance, external factors like
sunlight and pollution together with our lifestyle can all
accelerate our skin’s natural ageing process.

Gradual skin ageing changes start becoming more obvious
during our forties;  and this process is becoming even
more noticeable in our fifties.

Nothing can reverse this decline.
But there are some tricks which can disguise some of the
damage already done.


Secrets of Attraction


1)  Exfoliation:


Exfoliating your face from time to time will remove dead
skin cells
and rejuvenate your complexion.

1 tablespoon fine sugar (exfoliating agent)
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil (moisturizing agent)
1 tablespoon pure honey (anti-bacterial agent)

Apply to your face with circular moves and leave for 3 minutes.
Rinse well, dry and follow with your usual beauty routine.




2)  Moisture:


Take a Vitamin D3 supplement 1000IU.
According to research, having the right level of vitamin D in
our body will ensure moister skin.


3)  Soft Complexion:


A face steam will offer us this benefit and improve the blood
Steam your face regularly for 5 minutes, dry and follow
with your usual beauty routine.


Face Sauna


4)  Youthful Eyes:


Use a rich anti-ageing eye cream morning and night.
Massage the cream gently around the full eye to
protect from wrinkles and lines.


5)  Tender Hands:


Our hands always reveal our actual age.
Use this trick on a regular basis.

Rub fresh lemon juice in your hands and leave for 15 minutes.
Wash and follow with an anti-ageing hand cream.
Use the hand cream many times a day.


The real secret is to have a very positive attitude towards maturity.

Refuse to accept your actual age and enjoy who you are.