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Worry is a chain of negative thoughts and visions about the future, resulting in fear and anxiety.

The advantages of Worry are as follows:

(a)          It warns you and alerts you, as well as preparing you to focus and handle a hidden danger or a big risk.

(b)          It inspires you and motivates you to take positive action.

(c)          It helps you recognise unfavourable consequences, and plan your actions accordingly.

(d)          It helps you plan better for the future.


The disadvantages of Worry are as follows:

(a)          It results in excessive stress and anxiety.

(b)          It causes restlessness, sleeplessness, and insomnia.

(c)          It causes premature ageing.

(d)          It weakens the immune system.

(e)          It results in depression.

(f)          It causes intestinal problems.

(g)          It causes loss of focus and concentration.



The Recommendations


1)          Learn to handle your Worry properly and effectively.

Your Worry must always lead to the right solution at the end;

otherwise, it is a total waste of your energy and time      and you will suffer all the unpleasant consequences unnecessarily.


2)          Always recognise, that your Worry is really valid and genuine;

and NOT just a repetitive, useless, and meaningless negative thought in your mind.


3)          If you start worrying unnecessarily, then decide and say STOP, by trying to keep your mind under your full and strict control.


4)          Determine and schedule Worry time for yourself.

Assign twenty (20) minutes every day, during which you can analyse your Worry, and try to find all necessary solutions.


5)          Always, try to think in a realistic way.

Consider the worst case scenario, and how you can handle it, if it happened.


6)          Make a plan in writing for solving the problem, and start taking all the necessary steps without any delay. 


7)          Try to accept the negative things you do not like, and you are not able to control or change them to your desire. 


8)          Embrace and welcome uncertainty, because you can never predict what will happen in the future.

Things can change any time, suddenly, and you will have to do your very best, in order to manage the situation.


9)          Be tolerable and endurable, and learn to live ONLY in the present moment.


10)         Learn to manage your stress as follows: 

****          Practise Mindfulness Meditation.

****          Pray to a higher power.

****          Walk in nature.

****          Breathe slowly and deeply.


Be an intelligent human being.

Manage your Worry properly.

Be a survivor.




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