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Energy all day   —   this is something, that most people wish they could have.

According to research, the human brain needs massive energy in order to perform correctly      and it is well known that the hormones which are produced during digestion influence rapidly our emotional and mental state.

If you feel tired, exhausted, fatigued, weary, or drained, then your best solution is to consume specific foods and drinks in order to boost your energy levels in a natural way, and to make you feel energised and invigorated.  

The best and most appropriate foods for you will be the ones that provide a good amount of lean protein, as well as slow-releasing complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. 



Energy Foods


The following are some of the most nutritious and best foods, that can give you energy and enhance your stamina.

a)          Free Range Eggs

They are very rich in Protein, the amino acid Leucine, vitamin B 6, and vitamin B 12, as well as being low in calories.

You can eat one (1) Egg every day, either with your breakfast or your lunch. 

b)          Wild Salmon

It is very rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Protein, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin B 12, and Iron.

Eat Wild Salmon three (3) times a week, or even more if you want. 

c)          Brown Rice – Red Rice – Black Rice

It contains slow-releasing Starches, and it is very rich in dietary Fibre.

You can eat Rice with your meals on a daily basis.  

d)          Quinoa (White/Red/Black)

It is very high in complete Protein, healthy Carbohydrates, and Fibre. 

You can eat Quinoa every day.

e)          Oats – Oatmeal

Oats contain Protein, Fibre, and unsaturated Fatty Acids.

Enjoy a plate of oatmeal for breakfast every morning.

f)          Lentils (Green/Red/Black)

Lentils are very rich in Protein, Fibre, slow-releasing healthy Carbohydrates, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, and vitamin B complex.

Eat Lentils as often as possible.

g)          Nuts

Nuts are rich in Protein, Fibre, healthy Fats, Calcium, Magnesium, vitamin B complex, and Antioxidants.

Eat a few Nuts for your snack on a daily basis.

h)          Seeds

Seeds are rich in healthy Fats, Protein, and Fibre.

You can use all Seeds in your daily meals.

i)          Red Flesh Sweet Potatoes

They contain healthy complex Carbohydrates, Protein, Beta Carotene, and Fibre.

Enjoy Sweet Potatoes once a day with your lunch.

j)          Green Leafy and Cruciferous Vegetables

They contain Amino Acids, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytochemicals. 

Eat a minimum of three (3) portions of different vegetables on a daily basis.

k)          Apples

Apples contain healthy Carbohydrates, healthy Sugars, and plenty of Fibre.

Try to eat an Apple every day.

l)          Green Tea

It contains L-Theanine, Catechins, and Caffeine.

Drink a cup of green tea every day.


Energy Boosters


The following recommendations will help you increase your energy levels naturally.

1)          Hydration

Keeping your body well hydrated will enhance your physical and mental energy.

Drink the following fluids during the day:

****          Plenty of clean water.

****          Different plain herbal teas.

****          Clean, unsweetened, and pure coconut water.  

2)          Exercise

Exercise for thirty (30) minutes, like Walking at a moderate pace, five (5) times a week;      and stay Physically Active every day.

3)          Sleep  

Enjoy restful Sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours, but preferably seven (7) hours, if this is possible, in a quiet, cool, and dark bedroom. 

4)          Diet

Eat a clean, wholesome, nutritious, and healthy diet, and avoid all the following:

Processed Sugars, Soft Drinks, Processed and Prepackaged Foods, Fried Foods, Refined Oils, Margarine, and high Calorie foods.


In Addition


a)          Avoid Smoking and other drugs.

b)          Reduce Stress by using relaxation techniques, like Meditation and Pray.

c)          Develop Purpose and Mission in your life.

d)          Stay Excited and Motivated.

e)          Take dietary supplements as necessary.




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