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Hi there!


For the last four months, Oli was suffering from
a disturbing insomnia.
During the few hours of her irregular sleep, she
had upsetting and painful dreams;
then she was usually awakened in the middle of
the night, never being able to go back to sleep

Getting up every morning was a very depressing
experience for her;
her body was completely unwilling to move, and
she was feeling totally exhausted and drained.
She was a real ogre!

The worst of all was that her awful mood and
general state of mind, was going to establish
the whole outlook for the rest of the day:
full of stress and anxiety.


Bumblebee on Margarita


Down In The Dumps


Insomnia is an extremely poor quality of
sleep, and it
comes in many forms.
Some people have great difficulty falling asleep.
Many others wake up in the middle of the
night and are unable to sleep again.

A good number of individuals suffer from
both situations, falling and staying asleep.
Some others are not able to fall asleep
at all during the night.

There are also many individuals, who
wake up too early in the
morning feeling
extremely weary and fatigued.

Insomnia has a number of causes:

    Various psychological issues (primary insomnia).
    Various medical conditions (secondary insomnia).
    Lifestyle habits.
    Genetic predisposition.
*     Age and gender; 
females and people above the 
age of sixty five (65)
years old are at greater risk.

Because insomnia is associated with increased
risk of many serious health conditions, you should
take all the necessary steps to address and correct
this problem, so that you can wake up every
morning feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy.


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The New Picture


The following advice will help you wake up
feeling positive, rejuvenated and motivated for
the rest of the day.

a)     Prepare a plan from the night before, about
all the jobs you want to do during the day:

*   a productive day at work,
*   a quiet day with your partner,
*   an interesting day meeting your friend,
*   a busy day shopping,
*   a fun day to play,
*   a peaceful day with yourself,
*   a house work day,
  a day attending to your personal needs.

b)     Go to bed at the right time for you, and
wake up accordingly  —  after six (6) to
seven (7) hours of sleep.

c)     As soon as you wake up, lie still for a few

Then focus on stretching all your muscles to get
your blood flowing.

d)     Take a few slow deep focused breaths.
Think of a positive affirmation like,
I am happy and ready to face my new day “.

e)     Feel grateful for all the things you have
in your life;
be thankful for your health, your home, your
partner, your general situation;
and smile with appreciation.

f)     Open your windows and curtains to let
the day light inside your bedroom.

g)     Put some uplifting and happy music on,
to make you feel more active, energetic and
more alive.

h)     Follow your morning routines and habits:

*   Using the bathroom,
*   Rinsing your face and mouth, or
*   Having a quick shower,
*   Attending to your face skin.
*   Dress according to what is going to follow.

i)     Have a glass of the following liquids:

  Warm water.
  Warm water with half lemon juice.
*   Warm water with a full teaspoon of honey.
*   Warm water with a flat teaspoon of turmeric.

j)     Make your bed, but leave the top cover open
folded backwards for airing.

k)     Eat a good nutritious breakfast, to feel even
more awake and energetic.
Focus only on 
eating for the next twenty (20) minutes;
an example will be:

wholemeal oats cooked in water,
with some berries, a few seeds or nuts
of your choice, and almond milk.
You can also add a little honey to sweeten it,
and a soup spoon of whey protein powder.

Drink warm peppermint or ginger tea, and
take some Vitamin C.


Sleeping cat


Also make certain that,


1)     You wake up to a clean and tidy bedroom,
which has a few plants or some flowers in it.

2)     It is best to wake up next to your partner.

3)     You undertake only positive activities, which
make you feel joyous and happy.

4)     You stay and live in the present moment only.

5)     You are always conscious and aware.

6)     You are always responsible for your own

Always avoid the following, every morning
when you wake up:

Turning on your television and watching

    Hitting the snooze button;
aim to keep your alarm clock away from your bed.

*     Checking your mobile phone, your emails,
and other social media.

*     Having any negative thoughts about anything.

*     Thinking of any problematic situations.

*     Undertaking any unnecessary tasks, jobs,
and other responsibilities.

Always remember that, your personal choice of 

thoughts and actions will determine your 
physical and mental health.
So, choose wisely.

Every morning you wake up, feel confident,
hopeful and fearless.
Feel alert, active and motivated.

Welcome and embrace each and every day
as a bonus to treasure and enjoy.
Just live !!