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Hi there!


Kal was working from home for the last
two years.
He had chosen this route because he wanted
to be his own boss;    and not having to
follow his employer’s instructions, and report
to him constantly.

Kal was very pleased with his decision;
the only problem was that being naturally on
edge all the time, now
he was actually struggling
to keep his mind focused
in the moment, and
do his work.

He was always thinking and worrying either
about the past or about the future.
As a consequence, he was continuously more
stressed, frustrated and disappointed.

I need to focus my mind only in the present
moment, and become productive ;
he thought one morning, and decided to start
doing whatever he could, in order to stay
in the present and remove all his negative

Then he took a few deep breaths, and
immediately began to feel more relaxed,
and determined to fight this annoying problem.


Shrub in Rock


Habitual Scepticism


Our thoughts determine our whole life.
The way we understand, recognise and interpret
everything around us shapes the way we think.

The mind naturally and out of habit thinks in
a negative way.
This is mostly due to incorrect registering of
certain past, as well as present experiences
in its subconscious part.

Negative thinking is a destructive belief.
What you need to do every time is,
to challenge your thoughts in order to discover
why exactly you feel the way you do.

This is the only way to help you eliminate all
that is negative, and keep only what is positive.

So, you must always be extremely careful
with whatever you tell yourself, because your
subconscious mind will believe it as a fact.
If what you say is negative, the consequences
will be catastrophic.

Consequently, whatever you desire in your life,
you must believe it, support it and pursue it
in a positive frame of mind, so that you can
achieve it.

It is your own responsibility to remove all
the negative thinking from your mind, if you
want to live a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life.

It will be hard, because some of your mental
programming is very old, since you were a child.
But with proper focus and good practice you
will finally succeed, and enjoy all the
resulting benefits.


Wild sea


New Wrinkle


Constant and never ending negative thinking
is pointless, ineffective and completely useless.
the only thing it does, is to cause you various
health troubles.

The most frequent examples of negative thinking
are the following:

1)     Worry and Anxiety

Imagining that every disastrous, dreadful and
catastrophic situation will happen to you, on
a personal or professional level:
It can be your health, your family, your job,
or your finances.

2)     Discontentment

Ceaseless desiring and needing various things,
in order to feel satisfied, contented and happy.

3)     Criticism

Continuously criticising yourself about everything;
as well as other people, situations and general

4)     Troubles

Obsessing about a specific problem currently
in your life, and ignoring everything and
everybody else.

5)    Disappointment

Constant rumination of past events and issues,
and feeling sorry and guilty.


Trees in front of Mountain


Instant Exercises


Here are the perfect techniques to help you
eliminate your negative thinking, or any
other thought that is causing you to be upset,
agitated, stressed, worried or anxious.

Certainly, the first and most important thing
you need to do, is to actually recognise that you
are thinking negatively.

Then follow the under mentioned suggestions:

a)     The moment you realise you are thinking
negatively, immediately say: “Stop”;
then detach yourself from your thought, and
start thinking of something totally different.

b)     As soon as you recognise that you have
a negative thought, identify it saying:
“a negative thought again”;
then forget about it, and focus on whatever
you are doing currently.

c)     Immediately upon having a negative
thought, acknowledge how ludicrous it is, and
start laughing at it.

d)     The moment you identify a negative
thought, instantly think of its exact opposite
positive one.

e)     Whenever you think negatively, start
saying positive affirmations at once;
keep repeating these as long as it is necessary,
and until you feel more positive.

f)     Pay attention to your current environment,
and whatever you are doing at the specific
use all our senses and be completely aware.
Be absolutely and utterly in the present moment.

g)     Represent your negative thought physically
by writing it on a piece of paper, which you then
destroy and throw away.

h)     Wash your hands, and splash cool water
on your face.

i)     Stand up and walk out of the room.
Find something else to do, to move your mind
like, sweeping a floor, wash dishes, do some
ironing, do some filing or clearing, etc.

j)     Take a few deep breaths;
then say “Relax”, and dismiss all negativity
from your mind.

k)     Take a piece of paper and write down a
list of all the things you are grateful for in your
life at the moment like,
your home, your family, your finances, etc.

l)     Leave everything and go outside.
Go for a walk, or a drive, or go to a gym or
the shops.

m)    Be creative.
Write on a blog, take notes for a book, paint or
draw something, plant flowers, etc.

n)     Check your body language.
Sit up straight, keep your face relaxed, smile,
feel strong and confident.


Three Ladies


Second Nature


The following habits will prevent and defeat
all your negative thinking, either it is about
yourself or everything and everybody else.

1)     Always question your thought to find out
whether it has something to offer you    is
it useful in any way?
See if there are any advantages or lessons for you.

2)     Never exaggerate minor issues, and make
them look as if they are big and important.

3)     Acknowledge that the majority of people 
are not ever interested in your thoughts or
actions;    so never worry about such a thing.

4)     Whenever you are afraid of something,
ask yourself “what is the worst thing that can
happen”, and take it from there.

5)     Usually, try to be a kind, sympathetic, friendly,
supportive and helpful person.

6)     Always be very careful of the way you 
talk to yourself, as well as to other people.
Are the words you use positive or negative?
If you find they are negative, you must eliminate
them immediately.

7)     Always surround yourself with positive
and supportive people.


Calm Sea


Starting Point


Adopt the following suggestions to create
a positive and productive day, every day.

a)     Always start your new day in a positive
frame of mind, and thinking of all the good
things you have in your life.

b)     Even if you have a difficult and demanding 
day, take the time to sit back, relax, laugh
and enjoy yourself.

c)     Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

d)     Keep yourself active, and walk a lot:
shops, work, park, seaside, etc.

e)     Arrange your environment so that you 
can feel comfortable, pleased and happy:
your home, your clothes, your work.

f)     Every evening, relax and review your day.
Write down what has happened, and if you 
are not happy with something, change it as
soon as possible.

All the above mentioned very effective techniques

are great ways to eliminate your negative mindset.
You can make your own combinations to suit
yourself better, or use the ones you like best.

Not only you will feel very much better, but 
also this is your own responsibility to remove
your negative thinking.

Stop being captive in your own prison.
Break out now!!