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Davi was a middle aged man, who had quit his
well paid job in order to become an author.
He had been living alone in his beautiful apartment,
for some time now.

Davi was a very happy man, enjoying his quiet life.
” I’ve been living alone for the last fifteen years now,
and I truly rejoice in my independence.
I can wake up and take my breakfast every morning
any time I like, I can go to bed every night whenever
I wish, I can talk to whoever I choose;
and I can certainly pursue my interests and passions “,
he said smiling happily.

Davi had decided to live alone the rest of his life,
and enjoy all the advantages this had to offer him.
His whole attitude to life was helping him to feel
very excited about everything.

He was the king of his castle;    and he didn’t even
have a dog, or any other pet, to keep him company.
It was him, his computer, and his mobile.
Absolute freedom  —  and a huge fun experience.


The Buddha


” No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path “.

Siddhartha Gautama
c. 563/480  –  c. 483/400 BCE


The word alone has different meanings,
and a number of implications, not necessarily
For many people being alone means negative
things altogether.

Yet nowadays more people increasingly, 
easily prefer to live alone    especially
adult women.
Actually, it seems that living alone may be one
of the most pleasant experiences one can have.

Also, in our today’s society most people have
become egocentric, caring only about themselves;
their need to be free and totally flexible in their
life, without bothering about greater issues.

Obviously, since human beings are social
animals, they enjoy being in the company of
other people, for the many benefits and pleasures
this has to offer.

Being alone can offer a quantity of surprising
But although embracing solitude can be very
enriching and beneficial to your health;
certainly at the same time, you have to be 
extremely careful not to go to extremes.

Because, too much isolation will definitely have
negative repercussions to your physical and
mental health.


Swimming by the Boat


The Gold Bricks


Here are the disadvantages of living alone:

1)     You can develop self-critical and fault
finding thoughts, that make you feel you are
a loser and a failure;
so you do not belong to be around other people.

2)     You can start feeling lonely and socially
isolated, leading to anxiety and depression.

3)     You can start neglecting your physical
health;    by adopting an unhealthy diet, by
leading a sedentary lifestyle, and by living
in a dirty environment;
and this will certainly lead to a shorter life.

4)     You can start feeling the lack of company,
and begin to be seriously bored.
This distressing state of mind will force you to
start seeking the company of other people,
whoever, in order to feel more comfortable.

5)     You can feel insecure and unsafe, in general;
and especially whenever you are sick, or you
need to see a doctor, or if you have a sudden
illness, and there is no one to help and support you.

6)     You do not have anyone to help you with your
every day house chores and other tasks, inside
and outside the house.

7)     You have no one to talk and share your fears,
laughs, feelings and emotions;
and this will contribute to overuse of the telephone
and the internet, with various consequences.




Primrose Path


Enjoying living alone is a habit that can be learnt;
and you can be totally happy, and actually take
pleasure in solitude.
Adopt the following steps, so you can start loving
living alone:

a)     Start by feeling comfortable being alone.

b)     Develop a positive mental attitude, and have
an optimistic viewpoint.

c)     Reflect on yourself, and your whole life by
considering and acknowledging your goals.

d)     Do not be critical, demanding, analytical, or
looking for perfection.

e)     Live your life as you would if you had company.
Do all the same things like, eating out, going to the
cinema or theatre, etc.    but alone.

f)     Walk in nature, listen to the music, take any
sport you like, or attend to plants and flowers.

g)     If you do need some interaction, get a pet.

h)     Use social media to connect with other humans,
and share interests.

i)     Develop various activities, and different hobbies:
read, write, learn, blog, draw, paint, play computer 
games, or start any craft projects.

j)     Talk to the various people you meet every day,
you know them or not.


Post Box


Good Fortune


The following are the main benefits of living alone:

a)     Time alone will give you the opportunity to clear
and refresh your mind, reflect and realise who you
really are and what you want from your life;
and make better decisions accordingly.

b)     You will be able to concentrate and focus more
efficiently to your work, becoming more creative
and more productive.

c)     You will certainly feel more independent and
absolutely free to do all the things you want, whenever
you wish;
you will be able to develop your own personal routines.

d)     You will find that you enjoy all your relationships
much more, and appreciate all the advantages you 
get from them.

e)     As the time goes, you will be feeling more
self-assured, satisfied and positive about
living alone;

and you will learn to trust your instincts.

f)     You will know that you are responsible only for
yourself, and that the only person’s happiness you will
need to worry is your own.

g)     You will definitely have all the time to relax and
feel in peace, without any external distractions.

h)     You will be able to develop a great variety of
friends, acquaintances and other contacts;
as a consequence, you will be feeling more comfortable
and connected.

i)     You will have total and absolute control over your
own life, on your own terms, in your own privacy,
without interference or intervention.


Boats in Harbour


End Of The Line


Remember, it is absolutely vital for you to know
the difference between healthy and negative
time alone.

You do need to feel creative, reflective, pleased,
fulfilled, and happy altogether.
You do need to find the right balance in order to
enjoy your life.

Never forget    Being Alone does not mean
Being Lonely, which is a completely different
and sickening thing.

” In Solitude the mind gains strength,
and learns to lean upon itself “.

Laurence Sterne
1713  –  1768

” Seclusion is the price of greatness “

Paramahansa Yogananda
1893  –  1952

Good Luck!