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……” We are talking about fashion and style here;
These are two very different things.

I am now in my fifties, and the only things I
want are, to be and look healthy, to be modern,
stylish and in harmony with my environment.

Every intelligent woman above fifty wants to
look her best;   this certainly does not mean
buying designer expensive clothes or wearing
lots of make up and looking
like a model.

This means that she needs to wear clothes that
not only fit her current body shape perfectly,
but also match her personality absolutely.

The intelligent woman is not trying to look
necessarily very much younger.
She only wants to emphasize the best parts
of her body, and to look smart and fashionable.

The intelligent woman feels self-confident,
fearless, free and independent.
She is not carried away by myths about how
things should be at various age stages.

Any intelligent woman above fifty does care
about the way she looks ……”.


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Good Vibrations


Women in middle age need to feel privileged,
and proud of their bodies and style.
They need to accentuate all their best assets,
so that they can look their absolute best.

The first step you must take is to dispose of
all the garments that make you look a poorly
dressed old fashioned ageing female:

1)     Long loose dresses and skirts.
2)     Loose pants with elasticated waist.
3)     Oversized T shirts.
4)     Pinafore dresses in various materials.
5)     Sweaters with ornamental needlework.
6)     All unstylish and baggy articles of clothing.

All the above will make you look fat, heavy, messy
and untidy.

Also, get rid of the following:

a)     Tight leggings, because they will draw attention
to all your leg imperfections.
b)     Large and heavy scarves, because they will
remove from your attractive face.
c)     Tight and smaller size underwear, because they
will emphasize any sagging skin and fat parts on
your body.


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See The Light


Now is the time to restore your wardrobe.

     Buy only stylish, modern and fashionable clothes
that fit
your body perfectly, and enhance your shape.

—     The colours of your clothes should match your skin
tone as well as your hair shade.

—     Include trendy and chic accessories to enhance
your overall

     Preferably your hair should be cut very short,
ear or
shoulder length, depending on the shape of
face and head.
It can also be dyed in any suitable colour, kept grey
or even wear it completely white.

     As the time goes the skin loses melanin, and as a
consequence the features become less distinct and
You will need to use a little foundation or a tinted
moisturiser to give some colour.
Certainly you will need to use a bright colour lipstick,
which can also be used to enhance parts of your face
like a blusher.

Two Easy Suggestions for you

a)     Comfortable Ponte Knit leggings worn with a long
tunic top, and a long necklace.

b)     Cold shoulder loose tops worn with skinny jeans
made especially for adults.

Style is a very deceptive characteristic;
but we can distinguish it when we see an individual.

A really stylish middle aged woman looks really
relaxed and happy with herself.

Her total appearance radiates confidence, courage,
and determination.

She knows who she is, and what she truly wants.

Accept your age, and always try to look amazing.