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Let’s meet at eight tonight for dinner Myk suggested.
Yes, I’d love to she replied full of enthusiasm.
They had a very enjoyable evening with beautiful
food and a lot of wine.

The night went and Myk returned home.
Since he was tired all day, he decided to go to bed

He was sleeping peacefully, when all of a sudden
he woke up in the middle of the night with a horrendous
calf cramp in his right leg.
It felt extremely tight and rock hard upon touch.

It was very painful, so he decided to get up and run
around in the hope that it would soften and go away.
After some time he felt more comfortable and
returned to bed, although it proved impossible
to go back to sleep.


Green Leaves


Darting Pain


A muscle cramp is a sudden involuntary contraction
of one or more muscles.
It is harmless but extremely annoying because it
causes a sharp pain and a hard topical lump.

A muscle cramp usually happens during the night
(night cramp), but on some occasions it can happen
during the day.
It mainly occurs in the calves of your legs, and it
can last from a few seconds to ten minutes.
Sometimes you can also feel sensitive on that leg
even during the next day.

Muscle cramps are a very common occurrence, and
most people will experience them at some point
in their life.
Usually they are a sign that some things in your
body are out of balance. 


Red Leaves


Prime Movers


The main causes of muscle cramps are the

a)     Excessive exercise, especially in hot

b)     Muscle fatigue.

c)     Dehydration.

d)     Keeping the leg in an awkward position.

e)     Deficiencies of Calcium, Magnesium
and Potassium.

f)     Strict dieting.

g)     Menstruation in young women.

h)     Various health conditions.

i)      Taking specific medications.

Remember that you will be more at risk if,

1.     you are an athlete
2.     you are a pregnant woman
3.     you are an older person


To prevent muscle cramps from happening
try the following tips:

a)     Drink plenty of liquids during the day.

b)     Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.

c)     Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

d)     Wear shoes with proper support.

e)     Stretch your legs before any exercise.

f)     Stretch your legs for five minutes before

g)     Take Vitamins B complex, D3 and E.
         Take minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc.

h)     Balance your Sodium and Potassium intake.
         Potassium Foods:   Beans, Spinach, Sweet
Potatoes, Salmon, Banana, Yogurt, Mushrooms.


White Leaves


Shot In The Arm


There are natural cures and home remedies
you can use to relieve a muscle cramp, as follows:

1)     Stretch your leg straight out, pull your foot
towards your head and massage the calf muscle
softly and gently until it improves.

2)     You can apply heat to relax the muscle, and
you can apply a cold compress afterwards to relieve
any pain.

3)     Lift your leg towards the ceiling, stretch and
flex your toes, and you can also shake your leg
until you feel more comfortable.

If you feel pain and discomfort next day, you can
use an over the counter pain relief gel or cream.

Also, a number of people find it helpful to drink
tonic water which contains quinine.

Take Care !!





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