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Choose always the way that seems the best,
however rough it may be.
Custom will soon render it easy and agreeable

Pythagoras of Samos     c.580 – 500 BC

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more
precious, than to be able to decide

Napoleon Bonaparte     1769 – 1821

The strongest principle of growth lies in
human choice

George Eliot     1819 – 1880

It does not take much strength to do things,
but it requires a great deal of strength to decide
what to do

Elbert Hubbard     1856 – 1915


Yellow Marguerites


Iron Will


Our everyday life is full of decisions, which
not only cover completely unimportant daily
issues, like choosing what to drink, but also
extend to real life-changing choices, like leaving
your job.

The majority of people find it extremely difficult
to make decisions on most subjects.

Therefore, either they remain stuck to their
existing unpleasant situations or they keep on
searching ad-infinitum or they ask and often
follow other people’s opinion.

Responsible decision making is the process
your mind is going through in order to choose
the most suitable and best alternative from
your available options.

This thought process can be based either on your
intuition or on your logic.
If you apply both aspects in your decision making
method you will have the most desirable result.

On your way to make the best decision you must
always be careful not to allow your intuition to
decide what your logic should have to deal with;
because then you will make mistakes and come
to the wrong decision, which will affect your life
in a negative way.

You must always try to avoid the following
problems if you want to make the right decisions:

1)     Listening to too many people’s opinions.
2)     Unexpressed vested interests.
3)     Having too much or too little information.
4)     Being emotionally involved.
5)     Being emotionally indifferent.


Pink Flower


Frame Of Reference


The following is the classic foundation for
making responsible and mature decisions:

a)     Define the problem and its key priorities.

b)     Consider and list all possible courses of action.

c)     Research and collect all the information
you need.

d)     Analyze the advantages and disadvantages
of each option.

e)     Anticipate and calculate any shortfalls.

f)     Weigh up the risks and worst case scenario.

g)     Make your decision and examine your feelings
regarding your choice.

h)     Take action without wasting time thinking
about your decision again.

i)     If you want to learn from your experience
evaluate the outcome.

Decision making is immensely valuable in all
life situations.

Always remember that clear and positive thinking
as well as appropriate individual judgement are
the keys to trustworthy, reliable and effective

It is a mind battle, but you can win it.

Good Luck !!


What is the secret of success?
Right Decisions.
How do you make right decisions?
How do You gain experience?
Wrong decisions.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
11th President Of India
1931 – 2015






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