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When I first met Rie she was a quite devastated
and miserable woman.
My home is a place full of repeated, monotonous
and endless chores.   I feel angry and desperate,
and I don’t know what to do about it “,
she said to me one day.

I was surprised and didn’t know what to say. 
I have met many other women who actually like
doing most of these household chores    and
of them, including myself, have a completely
different mental attitude.

A month later I met Rie again for tea, and I
noticed that she was another woman.
What’s happening with you?   You look so
relaxed and happy , I asked her anxiously
waiting to hear her reply.

I found the solution to my problem.
I realised that I can use all this painful
housework to exercise my body and burn
calories, as well as relieving my stresses
at the same time    and it does work.
I now feel fitter, healthier and much happier.
I am liberated ! , she said smiling.


Happiness does not consist in pastimes
and amusements but in virtuous activities

Aristotle     384 BC  –  322 BC

The best time for planning a book is while
you’re doing the dishes

Agatha Christie     1890  –  1976


Cleaning Closet


Domestic Art


Exercise is not only essentially important
and needed, but also it is absolutely indispensable

to your overall and long term health.

Exercise keeps your whole body fit and your
weight under control.
Most people though find it demanding and indeed
difficult to exercise due to various reasons.

If you do not have the time, you do not feel like
or you can not afford to go to a gym, or even if
it is impossible for you to follow a specific workout,
then doing household chores is your best solution.

You will exercise your whole body, you will burn
a lot of calories and reduce unwanted weight;
certainly the more effort you put in doing it the more
benefits and rewards you will accumulate.


Shadow Kick


Tour Of Duty


The following top household chores will keep
you in good shape:

a)     Washing dishes by hand will burn you one
hundred calories every half hour.

b)     Folding your laundry standing will burn
you sixty calories every time.

c)     Ironing your clothes for half an hour at a
time will burn you seventy calories.

d)     Vacuuming the carpets for thirty minutes
will burn you ninety calories.

e)     Tidying the whole house including your
wardrobes and cupboards will burn you one
hundred and fifty calories.

f)     Dusting your furniture and decorations for
another thirty minutes will burn you another
fifty calories.

g)     Sweeping and mopping your floors will
burn you one hundred and fifty calories more.

h)     Cooking which includes cleaning, washing,
peeling, chopping, stirring, beating and whisking
for only half an hour will burn you one hundred
calories at a time.

i)      Washing your car, if possible, will burn you
one hundred and fifty calories.

j)     Gardening, if you have a garden, is much
harder job and it will burn you two hundred and
fifty calories.

k)     Going shopping in the  super market and
stretching further and on top of shelves to get
what you want will give you an ideal stretching

l)     Carrying your full shopping bags, equally
distributed on each hand, not only will be the
ideal weight lifting exercise but also it will burn
you an extra two hundred calories. 


Shadow fight Shadow skip


Shooting Match


Obviously not many people look forward to
doing household chores, but according to research
all these house tasks are equivalent to a session
at the gym.

Also, because housework involves a wide range
of movements like, walking, stretching, lifting
and bending, it is potentially more beneficial
than going to the gym once a week.

Always remember:

1)     When you pick up items from the floor or
you move furniture, lower your body by bending
your knees and keep your back straight.

2)     When you sweep, dust or mop the floors,
squeeze your stomach in.

3)     Breathe deeply and normally at all times.

4)     The calorie burning is an approximate average
and depends on your body size, the speed you are
working, your fitness level, your age, your gender
and your house temperature which should be cool.


Together with the above housework plan, make
certain you follow a healthy, nutritious and
wholesome diet, as well as walking for at least
thirty minutes per day.

Only in this way you will have the perfect workout.
Housework is the best and cheapest exercise;
so stop finding excuses to avoid those little chores.

Put on your favourite music and focus on the
exercise and benefits you get by doing this.

It will help you become fitter in general and burn
all these unwanted calories at the same time.

Without doubt it is the long term physical activity
that will keep you healthy and fit until the very
old age.

Good Work !!






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