Hi there!


It was a quiet humid morning and Lin was sitting
in his desk wondering what to tackle next.
It was one of those mornings that not only he
wanted, but he really needed to do something
useful for himself.

He had no inspiration at all, and that made him
feel under pressure and completely wasted.
Then suddenly he thought,  I do love music, so
I must turn to it for help;   I believe an inspiring
song will awaken my spirit .

He got up, walked to the little table where his mini
Hi Fi was, and put on a CD.

I’m trying to focus my attention
But I feel so A.D.D.
I need some help some inspiration
But it’s not coming easily…

Tryn’a find the magic
Tryn’a write a classic
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know?
Wastebin full of paper
Clever rhymes, see ya later

These words are my own
From my heart flown

These Words
by Natasha Bedingfield


Red Peppers


Flight Of Fancy


Most people want to be gifted and creative.
Creativity is a skill to be learnt.
To start with it needs to be encouraged
and cultivated.

After it needs to be practiced.
Later it needs to be developed and perfected.
At the end it will be implemented.

The advancement is slow and it takes time,
but the more you do it the more it will grow;
and you do not even have to press yourself
very much.

When you have become creative you will start
viewing the world from another perspective.
Your attitude and mindset will change, and
you will act differently from the average person.

Soon you will realise that life is much more
complex, sophisticated, significant, 

meaningful    and full of possibilities.

You will find that your mind will never slow down
and you will like to be spending time with
yourself in your own space;
something which will give you the opportunity
to focus, contemplate and get excited about
your thoughts and plans.




Intestinal Fortitude


Adopt the following suggestions to learn the
skill of

a)     Let your mind wander sitting alone,
pondering and asking questions.

b)     Follow your instincts and change a daily
situation to find a new solution to an issue.

c)     Go for a walk;   observe everything around
you, take photographs and consider your
potential project peacefully.

d)     Start writing with pen and paper;   write
a journal, an article or a story to have your
thoughts flowing.

e)     Read, listen to the music, dance to discover
new things in your life, and continue learning.

f)     Always look for improvement.
If you fail try again until you finally succeed.
Nothing is perfect including yourself.

g)     Always treat your creativity as work:
sit down specific times to suit your way of
life every day, set goals and take risks. 


Stick Plant


Staying Power


In a number of people, creative thinking is
a strong, steady, permanent and defining
characteristic;    it is the expression of their
thinking, their needs and desires.
It is part of who they are.

If you really want to develop a creative mind
start meditating on a daily basis.
Meditation will improve your memory;
it will increase your focus;
it will lift you emotionally;
it will enhance your mental clarity, and
it will reduce your stresses and anxieties.

” Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people “

Henry Thomas Buckle
1821  –  1862






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