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This morning she woke up feeling very strange.
She wished she could get up every day feeling
excited and with a thirst for life;
but unfortunately
it wasn’t so.

She had no energy and passion for anything;
she had no purpose, not a driving force to guide
her;   she was feeling dead empty.

She sat quietly by the window, closed her eyes
and kept on thinking ……..
there’s definitely a reason for everything in life.
I’m a unique person with my own qualities.
I must reign and control my mind to become successful.
I need to believe in the power within myself and be
determined to do anything necessary to create a
happy future .

She got up and went to the kitchen, put the kettle
on and made some tea.
From now on I’ll be thinking positively and
constructively so that I’m able to support my real
purpose in life she thought decisively.


Flowering Plant


Sine Qua Non


Purpose is a very unique and individual message
to all humans.
Many people believe that there is a reason for
their existence.
Quite a few do know what exactly they want to
do with their life, naturally.

Certainly there are some people who do not believe
that their life has any meaning at all;    they do
not seem to have any purpose for living, either
it is a big one or a small, but they just exist only
because they were born.

Either you believe the one or the other you can
still discover your own personal genuine purpose
in life.
The fact is that if you do not wake up every morning
feeling energetic, excited and full of enthusiasm,
then you are not living your life purpose;
your living is not meaningful and happy.

Living with purpose will help you become a positive,
passionate, driven and authentic person without
wasting your time and energy unnecessarily.
It will help you find the initiative and enthusiasm
to achieve success, and you will be properly
aligned with your life.


Rocky Fountain


Name Of The Game


If your life purpose is not so obvious the
following concepts will assist you to connect:

a)     Sit quietly alone, breathe deeply, connect
with your psyche and picture your life as you would
want it to be.

b)     Consider what you currently do and think of
all the changes you will need to make.

c)     Consult your past achievements, just in case
you notice a consistent pattern to guide you.

d)     Recognise any, if existed at all, guiding
advisers on your route to development and growth.

e)     Assess what you are good at, really enjoy
doing and does reflect the person you truly are.

f)     Consider the people in your life you have
feelings for as well as everything that makes you
genuinely happy.

g)     Fix your life purpose on timeless fundamentals
like, relationships, personal growth, health, success
and spirituality;
as soon as you start feeling excited and passionate
about a single one, identify this as your life purpose.

h)     Make a list of the exact actions you need to take
to reach and fulfil your purpose;
now divide these concrete actions into short, medium
and long term steps to take, and start realizing the
kind of life you want to live.


Blue Flowers


Straight Stuff


The most vital and crucial move, in this process
of finding your life purpose, is to appreciate
and understand that you must empty your
mind of all the wrong dictated and enforced
purposes, you have been told by other people,
and start thinking only for yourself.

Find the strength and courage to clear your
head of all the confusion and social brainwashing
during the previous years.

Consider your purpose as your mission in life,
and avoid any activities that can distract you
from your target.
Only then you will really live a conscious life.

Also, accept that as you grow older you will evolve,
therefore it is obvious that your life purpose will
have to change to reflect this evolvement.

Consequently you will need to review your
mission on a regular basis to make certain that
it always reflects the person you are becoming
as you age as well as your new beliefs.

Find what is important to you    your values
and your principles.
Find the power to create your own destiny.

Have Faith !!





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