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Since the mid eighties I have been very interested
in alternative medicine and anti-ageing.
Although for the first ten years my interest was
less intense, as the time goes my deep passion
keeps on increasing.

A few months ago, I had a fascinating discussion
about the human cells and these, absolutely vital
to our health, caps at the end of each DNA strand
called telomeres.

Unfortunately, these telomeres get shorter every
time a cell copies itself    and consequently,
getting too short or non-existent in the course
of time.

This sad deterioration represents our biological
age and ultimately death.
As our cells age and become unable to reproduce,
our tissues degenerate, decay and die.

A horrendous and deeply depressing thing, but
such an extremely interesting study for me for
the last twenty five years ………..


Sun Over The Mediterranean


Watch The Store


We all want to have a healthy and long life.
The most fascinating thought is to be taking
a simple specific substance every day to help
us be
strong and live indefinitely.

Obviously as the time goes and we grow older,
we need more precise nutrients to stay
reasonably healthy;     and the only way to
get those nutrients is through supplementation.

There has been a flood of research and studies
on various ways to improve longevity.
According to miscellaneous scientific experiments,
there is a number of nutritional supplements
that can help us increase our life expectancy.

It is established that with age the body grows
weaker and works less efficiently.
As a consequence the absorption of all necessary
nutrients is inadequate to a high degree.

This happens naturally even if we eat the most
healthful and balanced diet.
Also many people lead very stressful lives, others
are obese or they do not exercise or they smoke.

An additional way to help your body last longer
is by taking several specific supplements, which
have shown to be most efficient in doing this.

Moreover, these nutrients will protect your
telomere length, which certainly affects how
long you live.


Tree line


The Code Of Life


Although there is no proven information from
human experiments that taking various specific
supplements will prolong our lifespan, still,
there are certain nutritional substances that
have shown to be helpful in increasing our life

a)    Vitamin C

A very essential nutrient for collagen production
and tissue repair.
Take 400mg to 2000mg daily, unless otherwise

b)     Vitamin E

The most important antioxidant to fight
free radicals.
Take 100IU to 1000IU max daily. 
Always stop for four weeks before you have
any kind of surgery.

c)     Vitamin D

Very important substance for healthy
bones and blood cells.
Take 600IU to 4000IU max daily.

d)     Vitamins B

A complex of vitamins vital for cell
metabolism and disease prevention.
Take a high potency supplement
of 50mg to 100mg daily.

e)     Calcium

The most plentiful mineral in the body.
It is imperative for healthy bones, teeth,
muscles and blood vessels.
Take 1000mg to 1200mg daily.

f)     Magnesium

Very important for body structures and
chemical reactions, muscles and nerves.
Take 350mg to 400mg max daily.

g)     Zinc

An essential mineral for the development
and maintenance of the whole body.
Take 10mg to 40mg max daily.

h)     Selenium

Very necessary, needed for good total health.
Take 55mcg to 200mcg max daily.

i)     Omega 3 Fish Oils

Vital for cardiovascular health, brain and vision.
Take 1000mg to 2000mg on a daily basis.

j)     Coenzyme Q10

A very essential nutrient for cell function.
Take 30mg to 100mg daily.


Cloudy Sunset


More Than That


Eat Vitamin A foods  (Eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots)

Eat Chromium foods  (broccoli, pear, apple)

Eat Lutein foods  (spinach, lettuce, peas, courgettes)

Certainly there are various chemicals, medicines
and hormones which suppose to prolong life, but
until now there is nothing very specific that has been
proven to extend longevity.

In addition all these can be harmful in the long
run.   At least, the above mentioned vitamins and
minerals are harmless at the quoted dosages, and
they are worth trying.
Remember more is not better.

Finally, if you have any medical condition or
you are taking any medications you will need to
consult your physician.

Follow the healthiest lifestyle possible, and
avoid eating anything for twelve hours during
the night.

The ground of longer life is full of hope and potential!








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