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Sev was a middle aged active woman with lots
of interests and many good connections.
But there was something in her character that
made her life miserable.

She was always analysing everything, thinking
deeply and in detail, and consequently worrying
all the time.
She only existed in her mind.

Every morning she would wake up preoccupied
with all things she wanted to perfect.
She was in a bad mood and irritable most of the
time, because she felt everything around her
was uncertain and unstable.

Suddenly one morning she started thinking, 
I don’t want to waste any more days of my
life being so unhappy.
I will stop worrying and start getting excited
instead, and look forward to the new day “.

And so she did.   She started living on purpose,
and feel happy each new day.




Iron In The Fire


Each new day is full of new opportunities;
and it is the most awesome emotion to wake
up every morning experiencing joy, pleasure,
enthusiasm and excitement.

The way you feel when you wake up in the
morning, your practices and your routines
will affect your thoughts, your feelings and
all your actions for the rest of the day.

As soon as you arise and greet the day each
morning, it takes you some time to become
fully conscious of your body and environment.
Consequently and as a priority, you need to
pay all the necessary attention and care so
that you can feel relaxed and happy.

Plan your day correctly by using the proper
approach;   and most importantly, wake up
with a positive mental attitude, so you can
get off to a great start.


Evening Moon


Cup Of Tea


Begin your day in the right frame of mind
as follows:

a)     The night before go to bed feeling happy,
relaxed and grateful.

b)     Sleep in a dark and quiet bedroom, turned
on your right hand side for around 7 hours.

c)     Wake up slowly:
Stretch all your body, yawn widely, pray for a
few minutes and look at the flowers in your
bedroom    vase or pot or pictures.

d)     Get up slowly, open your window/door to
let the fresh air and day light into the room.

e)     Turn on the radio and play the music you
like mostly;    then start your morning routines.

f)     Hug and kiss your loved ones, talk to them
and keep on smiling.




g)     Eat a nutritious protein breakfast and drink
peppermint tea with a full teaspoon of honey.

h)     Plan your day well to live with purpose.
Walk in nature, exercise moderately, immerse
yourself in a pleasant activity like reading or
writing or gardening.
Do all the things that make you happy. 

i)     Have a number of responsibilities to feel
useful and motivated, but always prioritize.

j)     Always anticipate:
Look forward to holidays, outings, trips, social
events, drink/dinner out, etc.




The Makings


Every day is a new day with new limitless
possibilities and opportunities.
Wake up refreshed and positive, and envision
all the wonderful things it will bring.

Feel happy and grateful that you are alive and
well, and be ready to pursue your goals eagerly.
Make this new day your best day ever.

Feel peaceful, confident and optimistic,
and be thankful for everything you have
in your life.
Look forward to all good things to happen today.

You are the creator of your own life.
Seek positivity, because this is your ticket to

Have a great day !!





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