Gran Abuelo!


Hi there!


Some years ago while holidaying I met a very
nice and kind older lady.  
She was always dressing in fashionable clothes,
looking very cheerful, happy and terribly active.

I was so intrigued by her youthfulness that I
decided to ask her about her secrets of feeling
so enthusiastic and excited about her life. 

…….” I live in this wonderful resort among
these lovely people, whom I greet and smile to
whenever I meet them.
During the day in the winter months, I go for
long walks by the sea, which is so invigorating
and uplifting.

In the summer months, I enjoy swimming, and
I lie in the sunlight savouring the salty water
and all the calmness and tranquillity around me.

I cherish my love for my partner for many years
now, and I sleep peacefully at night.
I always try to live without worry and I pray
every day………”




Second Childhood


Today only a few people live to reach a very
old age and die from natural causes;
but more and more human beings live longer
these days than ever before.

Certainly one third of your chances to live to
one hundred depends on your genetics;
and especially your mother  —  her medical
history and habits, but the rest and the most,
definitely depends on you.

There is a lot you can do to improve your
probability for a long and healthy old age.
Your every day habits and past circumstances
will influence this;
and together with health and technology progress, 
scientific research as well as disease prevention
and various treatments will determine, without
how long you will live.


Sun on Blue Sky


Wheel Of Fortune


Here are the ways to increase and build up
your chances of a longer and healthier life:

a)     Adopt a healthy diet to include:
colourful vegetables and fruits, whole grains,
olive and coconut oils, nuts and seeds, fish,
poultry and eggs.
Have small meals often and drink an adequate
amount of liquids daily.

b)     Exercise moderately like walking, hiking
and swimming on a daily basis.
Keep good posture, do your chores manually
and lift everything.
Move every hour for a few minutes.

c)     Look after your physical and mental health
and wash your hands many times a day.
Take care of your external appearance.

d)     Be financially secure at all times by owning
your own home and having emergency savings.

e)     Socialize with healthy people and have a
loving intimate relationship/marriage.

f)     Be an extrovert and an optimist.
Be grateful for your life and think positively.




g)     Be conscientious, resilient, driven, creative,
determined, motivated and interested in
Keep on working and learning.

h)     Spend time in the sun, but if you decide
to sunbathe wear a good and strong sunscreen.

i)      Reduce stress and worry.
Be happy, sing, dance and laugh a lot.
Do not take yourself too seriously.

j)     Take frequent breaks from your every
day routine.
Arrange holidays whenever possible.

k)     Become a frequent shopper or just a
window shopper.

l)     Have a sense of purpose like your success,
health, relationships, spirituality.

m)    Develop one or two hobbies, which you
look forward to doing, and they give you a
sense of 
accomplishment like, reading, writing


Path in the Forest


Take Pleasure


By putting some effort, and being courageous
and fearless you will create  a fulfilling,
purposeful, healthy, loving and long life
for yourself.

If you trust yourself and feel confident and
positive you will be able to deal with all things
as they happen, either they are pleasant or
troublesome and undesirable.

Do you want to live to one hundred or more?
Now is the time to add more happy years to
your life.

Decide to make all the changes which will
allow you to achieve this difficult and
complicated goal.

Breathe deeply, believe you are young and
healthy, and always act young.

Simply live!!







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