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I hadn’t seen my friend Ali for some time now,
so yesterday morning I met her for tea and a good chat.
She looked concerned and a bit anxious, so I asked
her what was happening.

For the last month, when I wake up every
morning I find a lot of hairs on my pillow.
At the beginning I thought that there was nothing
to worry about and forgot about it.

But now I have started feeling really distressed
about this unstoppable hair loss.
You know, when I’m in the shower and run my
fingers through my hair as I’m washing it, it
seems the loss is much greater.

I must admit that for the last few years my hair
has thinned dramatically;     and I do feel so
depressed when I look back and remind myself
how beautiful, thick and long hair I used to
have when I was younger .
She said and sighed deeply.


The Blonde


Et Capillus Damnum


The majority of people want thick and strong
hair.   Men very commonly and almost two 
thirds of women can lose their hair at any age.

Some people will address this problem by
taking very serious medical measures, while
others will resort to more natural cures;
and there are some people who do not care
about this issue at all, and will not do
anything but let it take its natural course.

We all lose hair every single day.
A loss of around one hundred hairs daily, and
around two hundred and fifty hairs when
washing it, is a natural occurrence.

But if the hair loss is very much greater, then
we start feeling shocked, terrified and anxious.
In this case, we have to take all necessary steps to
cure the problem because the reason could be
a more serious health complication.


Purple Dress


Primum Mobile


Hair loss is something that will affect all
people at some point in their life.
The main causes of hair loss are the following:

a)     During stressful life events like, pregnancy,
surgery, serious illness or anxiety.
In this case, the situation will improve after
the circumstances change.

b)     As a side effect of medication or chemotherapy.
In this case, the hair loss will improve after you
stop or change the treatment.

c)     As a genetic predisposition.
In this case, your only option is to use a commercial
preparation to assist with the problem.

d)     If you suffer from thyroid, PCOS, skin or
autoimmune diseases.
In this case, your only solution is to seek advice
from your doctor.

e)     If you suffer from anaemia.
In this case, you should eat iron rich foods and
take iron supplements.

f)     If you use styling products and processes
often and excessively.
In this case, you need to take the necessary
steps to improve it by removing styling products,
stop using heat and avoid chemical dyes.

g)     If you do not eat enough protein daily.
In this case, you need to start eating lean protein
with every meal every day.

h)     Natural ageing.
In this case, the only thing you can do is to use
various tricks to cover and disguise the problem
like, wearing hats, scarfs, ribbons or using eye
shadow on your scalp.


The Brunette


Obviam Ire


Here are some natural remedies to slow the
progression of hair loss, without resorting to
medications and chemicals:

1)     Soya Isoflavones
Include soya foods in your diet or take as a
It reduces DHT levels (androgen steroid)
and delays hair loss.

2)     Carnitine
Eat lamb, beef and pork or take it as a

This amino acid promotes energy supply
in the hair follicles, consequently it helps
with hair growth.

3)     Vitamins & Minerals
Take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C,

Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Beta Carotene,
Zinc , Omega 3 and Calcium with minerals.

4)     Capsaicin & Raspberry Ketones
Include in your diet, chilli peppers, chilli

powder or tabasco sauce, and eat plenty
of raspberries.
These ingredients promote the release of the
hair growth protein IGF1, which generates
new hair cells.

5)     Coconut Oil
Mix some coconut oil with a few drops of
essential lavender oil and massage into
your scalp leaving for one hour.
Do this once every week to keep the scalp
pores lubricated for better hair growth.

When washing massage your scalp firmly
to improve blood circulation.


Cool Men


A  l  s  0:

*     Eat a healthy, balanced and nutritious
diet to include silica foods like, banana
and wholegrains.

    Reduce stress in your daily life.

*     Take good care of your existing hair by
treating it gently.

    Stay hydrated during the day and include
coconut water and fiji water.

*     Protect your hair from dirt and sun.

*     Take enough exercise on a daily basis.

*     Cut your hair short.


G o o d    L u c k !!






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