Green Light!


Hi there!


She was a successful woman happily married
to an attractive man.
For some time now she had started feeling
out of control and anxious about her changing
body, showing real signs of ageing.

I don’t feel old;   I’m not old she exclaimed
one morning.   But she was very disturbed
because she sensed she was losing the battle
to stop the time passing.

I must change the way I view getting older.
I do need to accept it, because this is a battle
I can never win.   I must take control over how
I see myself she thought, looking at her
image in the mirror.

She was maturing fast and feeling very
uncomfortable about it.
Finally, she came to terms with the fact that
her whole body was gradually changing.

I want to believe that my changing body
will carry on serving me so well as it has been
doing until today.   That’s who I am;   I must
value myself on the inside, because I’m not
my external fading appearance she decided


Climber on mountain


Seal Of Approval


Self-acceptance is to acknowledge and trust
all aspects of yourself completely and absolutely.
You need to examine and analyse all parts
of yourself without judging;   you need to be
kind and sympathetic, and finally to appreciate,
like and love yourself positively.

Because it is only then that you will feel totally
peaceful and happy.
If you hold any negative feelings relating to
either other people, behaviours, your
intelligence or your appearance, you need to
investigate them deeply in detail, understand,
forgive and eliminate all negativity from
inside you.

Certainly the key to self-acceptance is your
willingness to recognise and make peace with
all parts of yourself, negative and positive,
which have been sabotaging your life until now.
Otherwise you will never ever reach unconditional


Purple Flower


Rubber Stamp


Follow the undermentioned steps to build

a)     Decide and be willing to make a U-turn
and enter the world of acceptance.

b)     Make a list including all your negative
thoughts, opinions and beliefs about yourself
and start clearing each item at a time.

c)     Acknowledge all your feelings, accept, respect
and value yourself as you are at this moment.

d)    Decide to be courageous, take risks and
tolerate failure.

e)     Trust yourself and never compare to other
people, but always do your own best.

f)     Recognise that perfection does not exist, so
do not look for it;   just be responsible for yourself
and you will be free.


Woman resting


Blank Check


To honestly accept everything about yourself
is an extremely hard and very active process.
But you have to go through it;    any other way
is self-rejection.

It is absolutely vital to accept and love yourself
for the person you are in order to grow and reach
your utmost capacity.

Develop self-compassion and accept yourself
precisely as you are today regardless of your
imperfections;   carry on becoming better
and better enriching your life every day.

Tout comprendre, c’est tout excuser.







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