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Pygmalion  :  The mythical sculptor who
carved the statue of a woman that was not
only extremely beautiful and dazzling but
also so utterly lifelike.
He was captured by it and actually fell in love.

He then visited the altar of Aphrodite, the
goddess of love and beauty, and he wished
for a bride exactly the same as his wonderful

His wish came true.
His incredible statue came alive;    so he
married the woman he had created, and lived
happily ever after.


Bright Light Fountain


Drawing Power


Manifesting is the series of actions we take
to achieve the life we want.
It is bringing our desires to reality.

Every minute of our life we are sending out
our thoughts and hopes, and attracting back
very much alike responses.

Consequently, if our mentality and attitude
are negative we will attract back negativity,
while if they are positive we will invite
positivity;    just like a magnet.

Unfortunately, most people are still living in
darkness and do not realise this;    so they
keep sending the wrong thoughts, and then
they complain that their life is full of problems.

You must understand that all the experiences
you have been through during your life have
been formed by you, and only you;    either
out of ignorance or intentionally.

You are free and able to take charge and
your own life and become a worriless
and fearless
human being.
The power of your mind is immensely amazing,
and if you open its potential you will really
enjoy abundance.


Skier Jumping


Brass Tacks


To be effective in attracting all the things
you truly desire in your life you have to train
your mind to focus absolutely on your
dreams  —  one at a time.

You need to rewire your brain to genuinely
believe that anything is possible, so you
can enjoy a glorious and triumphant reality.

T h e     S t e p s

a)     Firstly, you must know exactly what it
is that you want, and you feel extremely
enthusiastic about getting it.

b)     Secondly, you need to sincerely believe
that your desire has already happened.
Visualize and feel everything in detail.

c)     Thirdly, you must become an active
player in the pursuit of your goal on a daily
basis until it happens.
You can use any means like:    imagination,
thought, pray, gratefulness, affirmation,
writing, as well as taking physical actions.

d)     Fourthly, be patient because things do
not happen immediately.
Have faith, surrender to the universe, and
eventually it will happen.


Bumblebee on Flower


Grand Slam


Cosmos is energy    you are made of
energy    your thoughts are energy;
and your thoughts can materialize.

Some examples for you to consider:

    Positive thoughts of wellness will
maintain you in good health.

*     Feeling really grateful for what you
already have in your life will bring you
more of the same.

*     Focusing only on the good qualities
of your partner will help you experience
only these good things.

Discover the enormous power of your
mind, and create your own future.






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