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When I first met Brax and Idal they were living
a fairy tale marriage.
They had a big country house, three cars and
enough money for a very comfortable life.

Soon I realised that my ideal couple had a lot of
marital problems, which included complete

Finally one day Brax announced that he was leaving
and she would hear from his lawyers regarding
their divorce.

Idal was devastated,  I never saw this coming;
and I’m not prepared for it in any way she said to
herself in distress.

Her big and long troubles had just began.
It was her fault because she had not been wise
enough to think and act early.
From now on she would have to fight as hard as
she could to secure her financial future……….


Black flower


Audere Est Facere


The future is unknown, so it is absolutely
vital to prepare yourself for any emergencies
and eventualities.

Financial security is all about planning and
Unfortunately, most people are not knowledgeable
and disciplined enough to plan and secure their
financial future;    so they end up in financial
distress and worry.

In order to make your plans, you need to take
into account the following facts:

a)     Your entire lifestyle as well as your other
personal needs.

b)     Various emergencies like, your house and car,
your health as well as unemployment.

c)      The inflation levels, which change yearly
during your lifetime.

Consequently, whatever your level of wealth you
must plan ahead to ensure you have enough savings
to provide you financial security and peace of mind.

The trick to saving on a regular basis is to treat
your account as another expense  —  and always
remember, it is certainly crucial to protect your
money and not to be irresponsible and lose it.


Yellow flower


Acta Non Verba


Adopt the following principles  to secure your
financial future:

1)     Always make a budget of your monthly money:
what goes/is in and what goes out.
Live within your means, and try to save a small
amount every month.

2)     Be responsible and disciplined.
Spend your money only for useful and necessary
things in life.
Reduce or eliminate completely all the rest.

3)     If you do any kind of work ensure that your
income is increased every year, even if it is only
by a small percentage.

    If you are in employment make certain you

contribute to your company’s retirement plan,
if available.
If not, establish your independent retirement savings
account    especially if you do not own your house.

     Avoid taking any personal loans.

If you have a mortgage try to repay it before you retire.

     If you use credit cards spend only as much as

you can repay in total when you receive your statement
at the end of every month.

     Make certain that you have an emergency savings

account at all times for any unexpected expenses.

    Purchase health insurance to help you with the

devastating costs if you get seriously sick.


Red Roses


Bona Fide


Life changes every day, naturally and
unexpectedly together with your circumstances.

Make sure you review and re-evaluate your
long term financial plans on a regular basis,
so that you can feel confident you have everything
you will need in the future.

Take positive decisions now to be successful
Be intelligent and wise.
Be your own boss.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!






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