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A few weeks ago I was invited to the very
interesting wedding of an old friend of mine.
I met Anj at the spa I used to go a few years
ago, and we became friends almost immediately.

She was an attractive blond woman of 49 and
now married to this charming man of 35.
Fran told me one day, I’ve always enjoyed
the company of more mature women because
they are pleasant and understanding, and I can
anything  I have in my mind with them
without ever worrying .

Anj was very excited about having a younger
husband as she never felt that there was
any difference between them.
They wanted the same things and thought
about most issues.

We genuinely love each other and our age gap
doesn’t make any difference.   
We are good friends and we can talk about everything
as well as our personal thoughts, worries and dreams.
We make each other truly happy he said to me
smiling ………..


Loving Couple


Starting Point


Middle age doesn’t need to be a barrier to
anything you want to do in your life    and
especially when we talk about love.

According to surveys relationships between
older women and younger men are becoming
popular and trendy for the last 15 years.

Today, middle aged women are attractive,
glamorous and sexy;    and we now see a good
number of successful marriages between
older women and younger men.

It is really marvellous to see  that age difference
does not matter at all if there are genuine
feelings between the couple.

If they share similar interests, beliefs and
values;    if they are good friends and faithful
to each other, then the relationship will be
successful despite the age gap.


The Dinner


Per Ardua Ad Alta


There are lots of advantages for a woman to
marry a younger man;
and these are as follows:

a)     A younger man will be more energetic and
keep you on your toes.

b)     Life will be more fun and youthful as it
was when you were younger.

c)     Most likely he will not have an ex-wife,
children and a lot of obligations to follow.

d)     If you are a powerful person and a leader
you will welcome and treasure the opportunity
to have a younger husband, even if he earns
very little money.

e)     Many younger men like women who have
many experiences, can handle things well
and are reliable.

f)     Younger men will be more optimistic and
live much more in the present time than the past
or the future, which will be very helpful.

g)    In general, younger men will be better and
more patient during sex.


The Wedding


Also, there are lots of advantages for a man
to marry an older woman;
and these are as follows:

1)     Older women will be smart, well-informed,
wise and much more mature than the younger ones.

2)     At middle age most women will be financially
settled and they will be able to contribute to the

3)     Women at that age will usually be very patient,
caring and loving.

4)     According to research, if you marry an older
woman you will increase your lifespan by 20%.

5)     In general, older women will be more experienced
when it comes to sex and they will know exactly
what they want.


Couple on the Balcony


Operibus Anteire


Since the age barrier is not such a big issue any
more, and as surveyed, one third of women
between the ages of forty and sixty have
relationships with younger men, here is some
advice you need to follow if you want to be one
of them.

F o r    W o m e n

a)     Be yourself  a woman experienced in life.
Do not talk about your personal feelings,
any private issues or try to behave like a mother.
Listen to what he says, show your interest and
make him feel special.

b)     Keep yourself under control.
Feel comfortable, confident and sophisticated.
Be a sexy flirt.

c)     Wear stylish and trendy clothes that flatter
your body, and avoid lots of make up.
Make a statement about yourself.

d)     Look after yourself, feel young and behave
as when you were younger.

e)     Know your body language:
Your hips, your eyes, your smile and your hair.
Touch him from time to time as you speak.

F o r    M e n

1)     Be genuine, honest and very confident.
Show that you are much more mature than
your age by keeping your thoughts and
feelings under control.
Be a man of substance.

2)     Be assertive and keep her interested in
you at all times with your clever and engaging
talk as well as your ingenious humour.

     Dress smartly and modern, and be fit.

     Show your independence by talking about

your job, hobbies, interests, sports, politics
and yourself in general focusing on your
advantages and experiences.

     Be a passionate gentleman.

Show your interest by asking questions about her.
Be patient, compliment, respect, care and
love your girl.


Dancing Couple


Opere Et Veritate


All men out there who think of marrying
an older woman, and all women who think
of marrying a younger man, completely
ignore what other people say and follow
your heart.
Always do what you want, because life is
too short and only yours.

One final point,
the only actual solution to facing any future
threats, like ageing if your age gap is 15/20
years, is to be an understanding, kind and
very loving person towards your spouse.
There is no point in wasting energy and
worrying about this inevitable natural

Love is ageless…!!






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