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Livi was a very busy woman of 52 with an
exciting life, but with very bad eating habits.
She was very conscious of her overindulging
in unhealthy foods without considering the
consequences of doing so.

She did believe though that her face skin was
the proof of her poor and thoughtless diet
My skin looks that of a much older woman;
It is very dry, I have wrinkles and a lot of sagging .

She said to her friend while drinking her usual
cup of strong coffee.
Perhaps it’s time for me to start examining
ways to improve my diet and consider my
nutrition seriously.
I believe that this will slow down this accelerated
ageing on my face skin .

Since then Livi started following a healthful and
nutritious diet daily.
One morning a few weeks later looking herself
in the mirror she exclaimed, my skin feels softer,
brighter and so much fresher now.
That’s it!   I’ll never go back to my old eating
habits ” ……….


Sun Among Clouds


Absolute Rule


Every woman wants to look her best;
and although most women aim to make the
most of their face skins to look years
younger, many only wish to boost their
best advantages and look great for what
they already own.

Certainly we all know that our skin’s
appearance will make us look either older
or younger, even with up to 10 or 15
years difference sometimes, irrespective
of our actual age.

Establishing a healthy, straightforward
beauty daily routine is the main and most
important step to show your love to your
body, at any age.


Sun on the sea


Treasure Trove


You do not need to do a lot to look your
best.   Just pay attention to the following:

a)     According to research the major cause
of wrinkles  ( excludes old age is UV
light damage to the skin.
Make  certain you always wear UVA and UVB
protection face creams with SPF 30 plus
during the day for protection.

b)     Omega 3 fatty acids  (ALA)  in chia seeds,
flax seeds and hemp seeds are very beneficial
for skin health.
Try to include the above mentioned seeds in
your diet regularly.

c)     Repeated facial expressions create
indentations underneath the surface of the
skin.   As the time goes these impressions
will become wrinkles.
Always control your face expressions and
wear reading and sun glasses, as necessary.

d)     Avoid washing your face with soaps
because you will remove all natural oils and
moisture from the skin’s surface and
cause lines.
Rinse with clean, cool water every morning
and use a cream cleanser and a hydrating toner
Follow with your anti-ageing day cream, eye
cream, and sun protection
on top.
At night, repeat the same but instead of the
creams you can use an anti-ageing serum
massaging your face gently.

e)     Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week
using a natural agent like, lemon juice.
Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton bud
and apply to your face and neck skins.
Do this at night 30 minutes or so before
you do your beauty routine.


Sun Over a Tree


End Piece


Remember that the skin is exposed to many
external attacks like, pollution and
environmental poisons.
Also as the years go it ages naturally and
according to our inherited genes.

Consequently, mindful skin care and total
lifestyle choices can make a big difference.
The following steps will also contribute to
a healthy skin.

a)     Eat a nutritious diet rich in vitamins
and minerals, and especially vitamins C
and E.
Also, keep hydrated with lots of liquids
during the day to encourage collagen

b)     Remove all stressors from your life as
much as possible, because stress is very
ageing to the skin, by using exercise,
relaxation and meditation.

c)     Try to sleep around 7 hours every night,
because sleep helps the skin to look fresher.  

Finally, instead of making this narcissistic
attempt to stay an ageless beauty forever
and always worry about the state of your
skin, cultivate a positive self image.

Self awareness is really priceless!  







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