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Bo was a very successful 50 year old businessman.
He was married to a caring wife for ten years now
and was living very comfortably in a nice house
in the suburbs.

Although he was very pleased with his job and
its rewards, for the past six months he had been
considering quitting and developing his own
private business.

This challenging thought was occupying his mind
most of the time, making him continuously worried
and stressed to the point where he had started
neglecting some of his many obligations.

That morning in the conference room with
his colleagues, he was attending an important
meeting to discuss and find solutions to a
critical issue on his latest assignment.

He was sitting in his chair bending forward
and holding his head, not paying the necessary
attention to his manager speaking.
His mind was mixed up with all the things he
had to do regarding his personal project,
and he was feeling agitated.

Suddenly he was astonished when he realised
that all his colleagues were looking at him
waiting for his response on this crucial
subject of discussion.
Obviously he was unable to acknowledge and
answer because his mind was wandering
away into rumination and fantasy ……..


Focusing on calmness


Vital Principle


Many people spend a lot of time either
thinking and reliving whatever happened
in their past or imagining what will happen
in their future.

Because of doing so they are chronically
exhausted, under stress, anxious and live a
miserable life.

The only solution to this problem is learning
to focus and live in the present moment   
the only moment that we really live, and
accept what is happening now.

Certainly this is not so easy as it sounds, and
it needs a lot of practice, discipline and
Here are the most important steps you can
take to help you focus and stay in the present.


Red flower


Nerve Centre


Using Your Senses:


a)     Listening

    To the sound of the running water
    To the hum of the refrigerator
—    To the sound of a fan
    To the music on the radio

b)     Feeling

    The fabric of the clothes on the body
    The sun on the skin
—    The textures of objects like pebbles, shells etc.
    The temperatures on various objects

c)    Seeing

—    The shapes of the cars passing
    The shapes of the houses around
    The patterns on various fabrics
    The textures of the walls in buildings

d)     Smelling

—    The flowers around
    The food cooking in the kitchen
    The toothpaste when brushing the teeth
    The sea water


Gazing at the horizon


Bull’s Eye


Using Your Focus:


Put all your concentration and attention
to whatever you are doing at a given time:

a)     Talking to someone next to you.

b)     Reading a book/magazine you like.

c)     Doing your housework.

d)     Cooking a nice meal.

e)     Writing a journal/letter etc.

f)     Be intimate with your partner.


Purple flowers


Intrinsic Reality


It is definitely normal for your mind to
wander ceaselessly between various thoughts.
When this happens    stop, breathe and
redirect your mind to focus on the present
moment and your current activity.
Ignore any thoughts that are irrelevant
to your present moment.

Slow down and savour every second and
stage of your life.
Relax, do one thing at a time deliberately
without rushing.
Concentrate absolutely to your current activity
with full dedication.

Living in the present moment makes all
troubles disappear.
You are in control of what is happening at
the given moment, and you can take any
necessary actions.

Realise that your mind is only a tool to be
used by you    and not to control you.
Your actions should result only from your
conscious thinking.

Simplify your life.
Exercise willpower.
Be mindful.
Be conscious of life.

Are you living in the present??








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