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Tally was a very youthful woman in her late 40s,
and although almost middle aged she was full
of energy.
Her skin was clear, her hair was shiny and her
green eyes were sparkling.

That evening she was getting dressed to go out;
as she was coming down the stairs from her bedroom
she just missed the step and found herself flat on
the floor and on top of her right shoulder.
The pain was excruciating, so she decided instead
to go to the emergency.

Dr Drek was a very well-trained surgeon, and that
same evening he was replacing a colleague in the
emergency department.
He was sitting at his desk when suddenly the door
opened and Tally went in holding her painful shoulder.

What a striking woman;  I must ask for her secret
he thought and asked.

I’m in very good health and shape, and I do feel
strong;   I have to thank my vitamins for the last
ten years.   I do believe that my robustness is due
to this  —  in fact, I’m really convinced about this ,
she said.

It was just after that accidental incident that he
decided to start researching all natural therapies
and use them in his own practice ……..


Woman looking at scales


Bells And Whistles


Even if you follow the healthiest diet it is almost
impossible that you will be eating and absorbing
all necessary vitamins, minerals and other
chemicals and nutrients your body needs to stay
healthy and strong.

This verifiable truth is due to,

a)     exhaustive production, long storage and
preparation of our foods, which results in loss
of many nutrients.

b)     the natural ageing process our bodies are
going through, which results in difficulty absorbing
and making good use of most nutrients.

Consequently all you need to stay in good health
and live long is a healthful and balanced diet to
include a lot of healthy fats and anti-oxidants,
together with the
right supplements.


Couple at the sea


Vade Mecum


The most important reasons to take any
supplements are:

1  —  Prevention of any disease and healthy ageing.

2  —  Cure of a health problem.

3  —  Correction of any nutritional deficiencies.

If you decide to supplement your diet, and you do not
have any health issues or you are on any medication,
a very good quality, natural, broad spectrum, high potency
and well-balanced multivitamin supplement with a
daily dosage of at least 3 pills per day is all you need.

On the other hand, if you have a health problem
it is very wise to address your specific needs.
Here are some examples according to studies:

a)     Migrane Headaches:

You will need to take,

**  Calcium and Magnesium
**  Coenzyme Q10
**  Omega 3 Fish Oils
**  Vitamin D3

b)     Anxiety:

You will need to take,

**  Vitamin B Complex
**  Calcium and Magnesium
**  Vitamin C
**  Vitamin D3
**  Omega 3 Fish Oils
**  Zinc
**  Vitamin E
**  Coenzyme Q10

c)     Common Cold: 

You will need to take,

**  Zinc Lozenges
**  Vitamin C
**  Vitamin D3
**  Vitamin B Complex


Round ladies


Name Of The Game


If you are determined to use nutritional
supplements, always choose very high quality
from a big and reputable company to ensure
their stability and potency.

Obviously you have to use common sense and
do not use any vitamins or minerals if they
are going to harm your health and give you
any problems.

Unless you take any supplement for therapeutic
reasons under doctor’s prescription, take all
your vitamins and minerals during meal times
(breakfast, lunch, dinner) with your food, so
that your body can break them down and absorb
them efficiently and without difficulty.

S t a y     H e a l t h y !!





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