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Last week together with a couple of old friends
I went to my favourite café for a chat.
Since we were all at similar ages and had same
interests, I decided to put the question:

What do you like most about the ageing process?
Not only they really welcomed my question but

they responded immediately and full of enthusiasm.

I feel much more comfortable with myself now
and I don’t care what other people think or say .

I am definitely wiser, more experienced, certainly
better financially now, and I can do anything I want
whenever I want it .

I really do feel absolutely free to do as I please,
including letting my hair go grey  —  after all,
my hair is not who I am

Undeniably, I’m much more understanding and
patient with things and people around me .

They kept on and on and on ………


Pink Flowers


Gist Memory


Ageing is a continuing lifetime process;
it is a very challenging time and it starts at the
point of our birth.

Some people live in constant fear and apprehension
of this
deteriorating development, while others
refuse to accept its frightening existence
by camouflaging themselves.

On the positive side, we must recognise that
very important things happen with age like,
financial security, self-confidence and
inner strength, knowledge and experience,
patience, wisdom and self-control.

Also according to surveys, it seems that
the older we grow the happier, more settled
and more peaceful we become.

These days midlife women are reconsidering
their whole approach to life at this stage,
and feeling completely different than all
previous generations.

They now decide to take more risks and be
bold, they desire more knowledge about all
new things, and they really feel joyous and
about experiencing this new and
big chapter
in their life.


Woman in swing


Ground Zero


The secret to intelligent ageing is positive
mental attitude;    to always remember
that life is not perfect and understand
that ageing is a blessing.

Here is a list of how many midlife women feel today:

a)     Sexy,
because being sensual and seductive  does not
have expiration date.

b)     Youthful,
because they eat healthy, exercise, look after

their skins and follow fashion.

c)     Gifted, 
because of all the hard work and experiences
they have been accumulating during the years.

d)     Vivacious,
because they are creative, and they love and play

as they wish without caring about anything or
anybody else.

e)     Happy,
because they appreciate that they live only

once and for a very short time, so life should
be valued and cherished every moment.

f)     Daring,
because they want to try new things they never

did before and live their own chosen way.

g)     Sociable,
because they realise how important this
is to enable them to stay enthusiastic and
passionate going through the next stages
of life.


Blue Flowers


Tour De Force


It is prejudicial and very damaging to
keep concealing the truth regarding the
real facts about ageing.
We all have to recognise that life is only
temporary and at a cost;  
so we should be grateful for our luck to
have been born.

We are very fortunate to be living longer
than ever before and be more healthy.
Older women now want to be noticed, and
they aim for the way they present themselves
to express their confidence, passion and
for life.

They dare to take chances with their whole
They want to feel and look feminine, glamorous,
daring, intelligent, dynamic and fun-loving.


Statue lady


Paint The Town


Savour, cherish and treasure your life, as follows:

—     Future Concept:

Make a clear plan of how you want the rest of
your life to be.
What you want to be doing.
Where you want to live.
Various people in your life.
Your way of life and full lifestyle.

—     Fear Recognition:

Analyse your worries and anxieties,
understand them and find any possible
solutions to them.

—     Positive Action:

Feel peaceful by using meditation, prayer
and exercise.
Face your future on a daily basis.

Accept the reality of life, and focus on all
good things you already have at this stage,
as well as the advantages of being older.

—     Total Happiness:

Be informed and understanding, pleased
and friendly, thankful and satisfied.
Follow the lives of successful women at your
age you admire to get inspiration.

Do you identify with the above mentioned?

What is your inspiration?








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