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—     Autonomy
—     Personal Growth
—     Purpose in life
     Environmental mastery
     Positive relations with others

This is the six-factor structure conseptualised
by Dr C.D. Ryff, Ph.D.
that a person must acknowledge if he/she
wishes to lead a satisfied life.




Presence Of Mind


You are the accumulation of all your
your feelings, your short and
plans as well as your ambitions
continual efforts.

The only way to learn and grow as humans
is through everyday life lessons, either
these are pleasant and satisfying or
uncomfortable and distressing, even painful.

Lay out the life you want for yourself;
and organise and set up all risks you
want to take to accomplish your dreams
and desires.




Life Of Riley


The following important adages will
guide your best life:

a)     Always give priority to yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and do what
feels good for you.
Be strong and follow your instincts
without listening and doing what other
people say and want.
” No is a gift.

 b)     Always be fearless and proud of
who you are.
Pursue your dreams and the future you
want for your life ignoring people’s
Face all problems and find solutions
beyond fear.

c)     Always be bold and keep trying even
if you fail repeatedly.
Be successful by never giving up.

d)     Always consider difficulties and
failures as challenges.
If you want a better life you have to go
and get it.

e)     Always be grateful and enjoy every
moment, even the smallest things in life.
Laugh and love a lot.

f)     Always accept your limitations and
continue to grow and evolve.

Feel free to change as you age and become
more experienced with life.
Be persistent and you will finally win.

g)     Always live in the present.
Remember that the past is gone and the
future is unknown.
If you want to recall, do so;
but never dwell there.




Hog Heaven


Life is too complicated and too short.
Today is the best day you have to start
acting on your ambitions and desires;  
on your principles and ethics;  
on your purpose and values.

You only live once;
so become the author of your own
life story.

Start doing things the right way for

Are you having the true good life?






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