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Style is a simple way of saying
complicated things.
                               Jean Cocteau 1936

Over the years I have learned that
what is important in a dress is the woman
who is wearing it.
                               Yves Saint Laurent 1974

The fashionable woman wears clothes.
The clothes don’t wear her.
                               Mary Quant  London

” A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true
elegance.                          Coco Chanel  Paris


Lady in pink


Modus Operandi


Women usually spend many hours
hunting for that perfect outfit or that
superb pair of shoes to wear on special
occasions, out on a date, to a dinner
or when going for a drink with friends.

Shopping for clothes or shoes takes
ages, but as soon as we try them on it
will take us only a few seconds to decide
that this is the one ideal outfit or pair
of shoes.

A fashionable wardrobe is highly essential
to every woman who respects herself.
This is a new year in your life when you can
start refreshing 
yourself, look elegant
and strikingly
in style.


Lady in black


Modus Vivendi


The following items are a wardrobe
They are the must-haves to make you look
fabulous any time anywhere:

a)     Camel/brown coat either loose or with belt.

b)     Fashionable parka any colour.

c)     Cropped jacket any material and colour.

d)     Elegant blazer dark blue or black.

e)     Wide-leg tailored trousers any material and colour.

f)     Large sweaters turtle and crew neck.

g)     Slim jeans various colours.

h)     Midi skirt any design, material and colour.

i)     Slip dress any length V and crew neck.

j)     Shirt any material and colour.

k)     T-shirts various designs and colours.

l)     Exposed arms and shoulders tops various colours.


Pink high heels Red dress


L’ Accessoires de Mode :


a)     Woollen scarfs various colours.

b)     Silk scarfs bright fabrics.

c)     Bright colours hand-bags, green, yellow, red.

d)     Sun glasses ray ban type.

e)     Silver jewellery, bracelets, necklace, rings.


Pink shoe and bag Pink shoes and nail polish


Les Chaussures :


a)     Knee boots.

b)     Ankle boots.

c)     Ballet flats all colours.

d)     Stilettos nude and black.

e)     Fashionable sneakers various textures.

f)     Sandals high or low heel.


Always apply variety, quantity and balance
to your wardrobe;
and you will have a
strategic selection to
satisfy all your wardrobe needs.

Follow the above suggestions and you will
have the building blocks to a solid style.







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