Hi there!


My one and only friend called this morning
and asked me to meet her for a drink.
I was surprised at this early call, but she
a bit worried, as if she was in some
kind of 
trouble, so I agreed to go and see her
at our
treasured coffee place.

She was there waiting, looking upset
and frightened.
While looking myself in the mirror this
morning, I suddenly realised my lower jaw
is getting saggy and I am developing very
deep creases between my eyebrows she
said looking terrified.

These horrifying signs of growing older
make me feel so sad and anxious.
Already my hair has thinned out;   I’m
falling apart and I don’t know how to
handle this   she continued …..


One redhed beauty


About – Face


Age comes about with its ruthless
results for our skin.
Although it
is impossible for us to reverse
painful process of ageing, we can
still fight the
undesirable and unwelcome
We can k
eep our skin in satisfactory condition
with specific care and consideration.

Essential and cooking oils have been
used since ancient times for calming,
strengthening, moisturising and
rejuvenating the skin as well as promoting
a younger appearance.

Essential and cooking oils are a very
intelligent choice to nourish and renew
the skin as well as to minimize age spots
and wrinkles, and maintain elasticity.


Two brunettes


Guardian Angels


Here are the top rescuers:

Pure Essential Oils

a)   Geranium Oil:
It balances the skin tone to look even.
It lightens spots and scars.
Mix 1-3 drops with 1 teaspoon of almond oil
and massage the skin.

b)     Rose Oil:
It hydrates the ageing skin.
It maintains the skin’s elasticity.
Can be used net to massage the skin.

c)     Lavender Oil:
It is excellent for ageing skin.
It protects from UV sunrays.
It regenerates the skin.
Can be used net to masssage the skin.


Extra Virgin Cooking Oils

a)     Coconut oil:
Best anti-oxidant to prevent skin

Massage all over liberally.

b)     Olive oil:
Rich in vitamins and chemicals.

Massage all over generously.

c)     Avocado Oil:
Full of nutrients ideal for dry skin.
It keeps the cells and tissues healthy
when applied topically.

Always avoid getting any oils in your
eyes, nose or ears.




Bottom Line


As we grow older natural processes
and changes take place in our whole body
including our skin.

Facial skin is very fragile, and being the
most exposed and unprotected part of
our body it always shows signs of stress
and hardship.

Besides natural ageing, sunlight, weather
conditions and various bad habits all
contribute to this relentless and neverending

Together with mosturising your skin regularly,
using pure oils as an extra treatment will
contribute to the reduction of the signs of
ageing skin.

Remember though that there is no miracle
cure until now, which can turn back the
clock on our skin ageing process.

Start using your pure oils today and see
the results before too long.







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