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…… Beauty is to have a good feeling and be
pleased about yourself, and I firmly believe that
laughter is the greatest weapon against ageing .

…… ” As I grow older I become more confident,
I am happier and more sexy;   definitely I feel
much better now than I did when I was younger,
and all these are very comforting .

…… ” There is something very sensual about
having all these imperfections that come
with age;   I love my body and I really feel
happy and fearless .

…… ” I now know who I am and what I want;
I decide what is important for me and I don’t
care what other people think of me;   these
make me appreciate my maturity .


Lady and the bottle Skating Lady


Amour Propre


Most women start feeling as if they are
losing control and being in the background
as soon as they enter their fifth decade.
They start worrying that they have now
lost their youthful and attractive appearance.

 Of course this is happening because they
have always believed deeply that their value
as women is only in their youth and external

But the truth is that physical attractiveness
and youthfulness are only temporary and
Consequently, if you define your worth and
importance by these two terms you will never
have any self-esteem and respect.

All you need to help you go through the
transition as the years go is flexibility.
You need to accept your new self-image
as it is developing, and say your final goodbye
to this brainwashed equation of youth
and beauty.


Gorgeous lady Tea drinking lady


Power Train


Consider the following recommendations
in order to love your changing body:

a)     Fuel your body with healthy and nutritious
foods, and take supplements.

b)     Exercise your body to keep it strong.

c)     Care for your body, honour it, respect it
and support it, because it is your greatest
tool and your most prized possession.

d)     Concentrate on being healthy physically
and mentally as well as being pleased with
your life at this point.

e)     Adopt an anti-ageing healthful lifestyle,
focus on your passions and how much you
can do from now on.

f)     Be proud and grateful for everything you
have achieved until now, recognising that it
was your body that brought you where you
are today.

g)     Realise that your external appearance is
only a tiny part of who you are and you
deserve to be recognised as the wise and
wonderful person you are.


Drinking lady Hoola Hop lady


Might And Main


Hating your changing body is a complete
waste of time and energy.
Life is too short to worry about a natural
process you can not stop or alter.

Stop obsessing about the developments
your appearance is undergoing.
True beauty is being you as a human in the
body you own now.

Be glad, satisfied and appreciate the way
you look, accept it and be pleased with it.
Allow your new valuable self to emerge.
Do not hide and work on the new you.

Understand that the Fountain of Youth
is Your Own Mind.

M o v e    O n ….!! 






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