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Once again Bo was spending most of his day
at his desk;   but instead of focusing on his work
he kept on wondering,  what is Taffie doing at
this moment?  Does she really love me?  Why is
she not paying much attention to me? “.

He carried on worrying, even wondering whether
she was flirting with other men.
Bo was not happy in his relationship, without
a doubt.

He was dependent on Taffie for his happiness.
He was jealous, insecure and needy.
Under the circumstances, he was feeling extremely
stressed all the time and totally unhappy.


Bee on Lavender


Principal Element


Stress is the feeling of not being in control.

In our life we want very specific things to happen;
and we worry that these things may never happen
because we do not believe we are capable of
handling something completely different.

Basically we lack confidence and conviction.
We feel confused, fearful and always reluctant.

The degree of our suffering depends only on
our own personal perception of things.


Peaceful Beach


Grand Designs


No matter how helpless you may feel, you
still have much more control than you might
Certainly you can control your thoughts,
emotions and actions, as well as your whole

The following will help you cope:


The Strategies


a)     On The Spot Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Deep Breathing
             Muscle Relaxation
         *     Visualisation
         *     Meditation (Mantra)
         *     Pray
         *     Walking Barefoot
         *     Going for a Walk
         *     Massaging & Smelling Lavender
         *     Doing Housework/Gardening
         *     Laughing
         *     Singing & Dancing
         *     Drinking Chamomile with Honey
         *     Eating salty almonds 

b)     Long Term Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Prioritising Your Obligations
         *     Delegating
         *     Learning to Say NO to Demands
         *     Accepting Things You Cannot Change
         *     Looking Forward to Things Happening
         *     Taking Up Writing
         *     Creating a Calming Area in Your Home
         *     Organising your life

c)     Psychological Technique:

        Changing your perception of the stressor.
        Meaning Remove Negativity and
                                Feed Positivity.

The Process:

        *     Decide the reason you feel stressed  (Why).
        *     Decide the way you can deal with it  (How).
        *     Apply logic to your negative thoughts and
               hold on to the new truth of the situation.
        *     Think positively about yourself, 
               stay in the present moment and
               start feeling confident, strong and powerful.


Relaxing Garden


The Insulation


To build your defences against future stressors
you must practice most of the above mentioned
techniques, which suit your current situation,
your life and your character.

At the same time, you must adopt:
   Healthy Eating Habits
   Good Sleeping Habits
   Daily Moderate Exercise
   Adequate Rest
   Healthy Lifestyle

Also always try to have, at least, one person
in your life very close to you, so you can
share your thoughts and concerns.


Koi in Pond


The Acupressure & Reflexology


—   Point 1 :   Wrists   (Inner Gate P6)

Find the pressure point in the middle
of your wrist, three fingers down.
Press this point for at least 5 minutes.
Do this to both wrists.

—   Point 2 :   Ears   (Reflexology)

Massage your ears with your thumb
and forefinger for 3 minutes.

—   Point 3 :   Scalp   (Reflexology)

Massage your whole scalp gently using
circular movements for 2 minutes.

—   Point 4 :   Breastbone  (Sea of Tranquility CV17)

Find the pressure point on the centre
of the breastbone three thumb widths
up from the base of the bone.
Press or tap on this point with your
middle finger.

Bear In Mind

All our problems stem from unhappiness
and dissatisfaction.

Always remember,  it is never the stressor,
either this is a person or a situation.

It is your action based on your reaction to
that stressor.

C h i l l    O u t !!







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