Bunco Game!


Hi there!


It’s been some time now since she hadn’t
been out on a date but tonight was the night.
At last … hurray!  

She was so excited and at the same time very
nervous;   she wanted to impress.

After long consideration she finally decided
on what she believed to be the right clothes
to enhance the hottest parts of her body, and
make her feel comfortable and confident.

She took a long hot relaxing shower, and
then it was the face.
She wanted to look her 
so after spending a long time in front
of her
mirror, she finally created a natural
healthy and youthful looking appearance.
It was perfect!

On her way to meeting him she was feeling
very anxious.
Gosh!  this feels very distressing;

I can’t let it get the best of me;
I have to be
calm and collected, otherwise this
will be a
disaster I can’t afford now,
she thought
parking her car.

She entered the restaurant walking
towards the
bar where he was waiting
patiently for her.

You look sensational, you are so beautiful
he said and kissed her ordering a Bellini.
The fun had just begun………


Ready to go


Beaten Path


A great number of women are not aware of
the impact the passing time has on their skin.
Fortunately some of the problems like,
sagging, deeper lines and puffiness
can be 
relieved by taking care of the very
skin needs.

If you like the natural approach, not only it
will be time and money saving but also your
skin will look fresh, healthy and youthful.

You can use everyday natural ingredients
for homemade
beauty items and various


Woman 20s Style


Ways And Means


The following are some clever ways to use
everyday items, which are very easy and quick:

a)     The first step to every beauty routine is
You can use organic virgin coconut
oil on a
piece of cotton to clean your face skin
remove any make-up.

b)     The second step is to tone the skin and
remove any impurities left from before. 
For this you can use pure organic coconut
water on a piece of cotton.

c)     Now you need to address the delicate
skin around the eyes.
To do this pierce a 
Vitamin E capsule  and
mix it well in some 
organic virgin coconut
oil at room temperature.

Apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes.

d)     The fourth step is to address your face
skin, which requires care and attention.
Take 4 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut
oil at room temperature;
add 4 drops of
rosemary pure essential oil,
which is ideal 
for dry skin and circulation,
and 4 drops of 
tea tree pure essential oil, which
the skin.
Mix well to the right consistency.

Then massage the mixture into your face.
Store the cream in a cool and dry cupboard.

e)     The last and final step is always a good
quality organic sunscreen, preferably tinted
to cover any imperfections on your skin.


Made up woman


Nuts And Bolts


Here are some useful shortcuts to use when
you want to look more made-up when going out:

a)     To Exfoliate:  
Mix well some organic virgin coconut oil with
some free-flowing brown sugar and massage
into the face.

b)     To Conceal:
To hide dark circles and bags use an organic
and place it triangularly from the
corners of the eyes
to the nostrils and massage
softly until it disolves.

c)     To Colour:
Use an organic cream lipstick on your lips;
use it
as a blusher in key points on the face;
use it as an eye shadow on the eye
brow bone.

d)     To Deodorize:
For a natural and fresh smell use a few drops
your favourite essential oil in key points
of the 
body like,
on the inside of your wrists, elbows

Know yourself and feel good, comfortable and
confident in your own skin.





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