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Every night when getting ready for bed she
was watching her face in the mirror and
getting more and more obsessed with her
changing skin.

She noticed it was dry, dull and rough with
large pores, loss of elasticity, deeper lines,
a lot of sagging around the jaw and neck,
as well as one liver spot on her cheek.

Her bathroom cupboard was full of all kinds
of anti-ageing creams, serums and other
youth enhancing treatments;   but still she
could not notice any significant difference
in her skin appearance.

After long consideration she came to the
conclusion that her skin care regime was
not so efficient only because she had not
changed her lifestyle yet;
and probably her eating habits were
speeding up her skin’s ageing.

From now on I’m going to start making
healthy choices and take good care of
myself and especially my diet to improve
my overall well-being and appearance ……


Woman on swing Three women


Giant Strides


Ageing is a continual complex biological
process that all of us will experience eventually.
There is a good number of hypotheses regarding
ageing, none of which works solely but all
together at the same time.

Here are three of the most common theories
of ageing together with nutritional advice
to transform your health and your general
including your face skin.

a)      Free Radicals:

Oxidative stress can damage our cell structure
with dangerous consequences to our health.
A diet full of anti-oxidant foods will slow down
this destruction.
Supplemental vitamins E and C will also help
against this process.

b)     Tissue Inflammation:

Although inflammation is a natural curative
body response, when it is becoming long
term it proves harmful to the body tissues.
Include a variety of fresh unprocessed
foods in your daily diet as well as plenty
of vegetables and fruits.

c)     Hormone Imbalances:

When our hormones are out of sync ageing
will follow soon.
Eat a diet full of phytohormones and take
supplemental Vitamin B complex.


Frightened woman


A l s o:

Your digestion is one of the most important
biological processes for your life.
Every part of your health and beauty starts
with good digestion to absorb all nutrients.

For a healthy and efficient digestive system
eat a high fibre diet daily, and avoid cold
foods and drinks, too hot spices and saturated fats.

Chew slowly, eat less and more often and
aim for a short walk after meals to prevent


Aged to Perfection Retro Woman


Phase Change


This is the most productive, rewarding
and beneficial way to delay, prevent
and even reverse ageing naturally.

1.     Eat oily fish three times a week or take
an omega fish oil supplement daily.

2.     Eat two fruits daily with one being
from the berry family.

3.     Eat whole grains or pulses daily.

4.     Eat raw nuts and seeds daily.

5.     Eat four portions of all colours of vegetables
daily lightly steamed.

6.     Eat lean protein daily including four/five
eggs per week.

7.     Use only olive oil and coconut oil.

8.     Drink a few cups of liquids daily and
pure organic milk alternatives with your breakfast.


Life Text


A l s o:

Here are some nutritional pairings for you to consider:

     Pair organic eggs with organic hard goat cheese.

     Pair cooked organic tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil.

—     Pair wild salmon with lots of garlic.

     Pair fresh steamed spinach with squeezed lemon juice.

—     Pair organic porridge with organic pure milk alternatives.

—     Pair brown rice with peas.

—     Pair semi-skimmed organic goat yogurt with ripe banana.


Nutrition plays an extremely important and
very crucial part in limiting and delaying
the ageing process.
It protects and shields 
the body from
environmental damages.

Are you looking after your health and beauty?





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