Elixir Vitae!


Hi there!


This morning she woke up feeling very heavy.
The wind was blowing and she could hear the
leaves of the trees moving back and forth.
Although the air felt very crisp and cool, the sky
was bright blue, the sun was sparkling
and the
birds were singing.

It was a really wonderful early spring morning;
but she was feeling so fatigued and overwhelmed
that it was absolutely impossible for her to enjoy
all the beauty and the true gifts that were
right in front.

She got up slowly wondering what miraculous
remedy would make her feel really happy,
renewed and in peace.

Then suddenly she realised,  I know what
I need to do;   I’m going to number all the
things I’m grateful for in my life at this
moment .

She just did;   and immediately after she
started feeling more optimistic, naturally
energized, connected
with her spirit and
began to look at her
delightful life again.


Flower Arrangement


Magic Bullet


Our aim is to feel good, and we all wish we
could push a button and instantly feel uplifted,
energized and excited.

We all go through these days where we get out
of bed on the wrong side;   but this is life,
especially after you have hit middle age.

There are always good days and bad days;
and these bad days you need to rewind your
mind to be motivated.

Motivaton is the basis of all our actions.
It starts, leads and supports our goals and targets.
It is the most powerful of energy,
and it involes
our needs and what we wa
nt in our life.


Elixir Vitae-3


Healing Agents


Here are eight proven concrete ways to uplift
yourself and feel good:

a)     Change of Environment:

Get out of the house and walk preferably in
nature like, a park or a beach;   but if this is
not possible then walk on the road just
go outside.
If you drive use your car to drive to the next
town or village.

b)     Shopping:

Walk in the shops among people;   do either
window shopping or buy something that
makes you feel good.

c)     Music:

Switch the radio on and listen to the music
you really love;   sing and dance to it.

d)     Planning:

Book a holiday, arrange a dinner out,
schedule a day’s outing or organise a trip,
so you can have something to look
forward to.

e)     Aromatherapy:

Reach for the right scents to regulate your
mood.   Find the smells you like, buy the pure

essential oils  and breathe deeply or massage
on your skin to feel inspired.

f)     Dressing:

Dress up in your best and most exciting
clothes, look yourself in the mirror, smile
widely and feel instantly better.

g)     Watching People:

Sit in a place where lots of people go, like
a shopping centre, a garden centre or a city
square and watch people passing.

h)     Imagination:

Be creative   write an email, on a blog
or a to-do list;   cook or bake your favourite
recipe;   plant flower or herb pots, review
your lifestyle and diet, de-clutter your house
or your wardrobe.


Bee in flower group


Ground Zero


Most often life’s demands and stressors prevent
us from being on top mental health.
We usually go through periods of lethargy,
misery, despair and low spirits.

Happiness and satisfaction can be achieved by
using proper and specific tactics.
So every time you feel you need a lift try one or
more of the above mentioned proven techniques
to instantly boost your mood.

G o o d     L u c k !





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