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vv. 35 .
Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind,

so difficult to subdue, ever swift, and seizing
whatever it desires.
A tamed mind brings happiness.

vv. 36 .
Let the discerning man guard the mind, so

difficult to detect and extremely subtle,
seizing whatever it desires.
A guarded mind brings happiness.

The Dhammapada :
The Buddha’s Path Of Wisdom
Chapter 3
The Mind


Rock waves


Mental Grasp


Meditation is the action we use to disconnect
ourselves from our thoughts and feelings;
it means to take control of our mind and
merely be here now.

We all know that contemplation and
concentration can  indeed reduce our stress
levels and improve our thinking considerably.

It is very well researched  and known that
our general mental and physical health can
be greatly improved as follows:

a)     Cortisol levels reduction for less stress.

b)     Serotonin levels increase for better mood.

c)     Pain and muscle tension reduction.

d)     Slower ageing of the brain.

e)     Better brain control to various stimuli.

f)     Better maintenance of our telomeres’ length
for longer life.

g)     Lowering of blood pressure due to nitric
oxide production.

h)     Anxiety reduction due to lowering of blood
lactate levels.

i)     Immune system enhancement due to
increased activity of NK cells.


Calm waters on rocks


Supreme Bliss


There are thousands of styles to meditate from
around the world, and the basis for all is to be
able to concentrate and maintain mental focus.
Here are the most favorite styles to meditate:

1.     Concentrate simply on your breath in and out.

2.     Empty your mind by driving away any thoughts;
purely be there.

3.     Focus your attention on a specific object.

4.     Visualize on a specific place you find relaxing.

5.     Do Yoga, co-ordinating your breath with your

6.     Repeat a mantra of your choice over and over.

7.     Focus your attention on an activity like,
walking, swimming, gardening, sweeping, etc.

8.     Concentrate on the present exact moment and listen
carefully to every movement and sound.


Cloudy Skies over ocean


Stay In The Clouds


Anyone can practice meditation, anywhere
anytime.    You will feel calm, peaceful, balanced
and overall healthy and happy.

Many people adopt meditation as a habit and
have it as a daily routine.   You only need  a few
minutes a day to enjoy all the benefits.

You will need to experiment to find out which
style is most suitable for you and it has to
be simple and comfortable for you to hold on.


Heavy waves


An extremely easy way for you to start without
even changing your routines is the following:

*     Every morning when you wake up, stay in
bed a few more minutes, stretch, focus on the
morning peace, feel grateful for waking up
healthy and strong and pray for the new day.

    Every night when you go to bed, relax,
focus on calmness, feel grateful for finishing
another day healthy and strong  and pray for
another good night.

Enjoy the benefits!






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