Bonne Bouche!


Hi there!


Her life was a huge hectic schedule, but today
somehow she managed to arrange this evening
out to celebrate her date.

 This is awesome, but I must prepare myself
for this very special night .   She put on
some music and took a relaxing shower;   then
she started doing her makeup.

She picked out the perfect outfit and this
fabulous pair of heels to match.   She looked
at herself in the mirror to confirm everything
looked flawless and walked to her car.

Tonight I’m having dinner with the most
interesting man in my favourite restaurant.
All those delicious dishes and I’m not certain
what to choose , she thought, and felt a
bit worried……….


Women taking wine from fridge Cartoon Lady and dog


Operation: Dinner Out


Follow these simple rules to guarantee you
will stick to your healthy eating principles:

a)     Firstly plan your evening out and then
choose a restaurant which offers healthy
options.   Check their menu online and
confirm your choices.

b)     Eat a small fruit just before you get
ready to go so you are not starving when
you arrive at the restaurant.

c)     As soon as you are seated at your table
order a bottle of mineral water and start
sipping immediately.

d)     Order a healthy starter like a shellfish
dish with olive oil, a broth-based soup or
a simple salad with olive oil.

e)      For your main course order your
chosen protein grilled, baked or steamed,
and ask about substituting items with whole
brown rice or baked potato and grilled
or steamed vegetables.
Also ask for any sauce to be served
separately on the side or order olive oil.

f)      For dessert order something simple
and healthy like a fruit salad or creme caramel.


Wine Bottles on glass pane Suitcase with cupcake decoration


Coming Out


We all love and enjoy eating out, and it
really is one of our life’s pleasures.
It is also perfectly possible to eat in a
restaurant and have healthy, appetizing
and tasty food if it is planned properly.

Always eat the same quantity of food
as you eat daily at home, and nothing more.
Take your time, eat slowly and take great
pleasure in everything on your plate.

Smell, taste, savour and enjoy your food.
This way your dinner will go extremely
well and you will be perfectly prepared
for it.

B o  n     A p e t i t !!





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