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Matti was a highly regarded managing director
of this large financial company;    he was now
preparing for his speech in front of all the 600
people who were waiting in anticipation.

He had already started feeling the pressure
accumulating but kept on working hard to
present his best self ever.
On the day he was feeling very stressed and
at times panicky;   but again he was
to give the perfect speech.

After the whole thing was finished he met with
his colleague who had given a similar speech
some time ago,  and told him nervously.
I bet you felt similar tension
during your
lecture and you were
very pleased when it was
all over .

I didn’t actually.  I always prepare myself
well in advance and I’ve learnt to keep my
thoughts under tight control he replied smiling.

Matti just realised that all the stress he was
feeling was only a repeated habitual mode his
subconscious mind was turning on automatically.
He then decided that from that moment on
he would be collected and calm and do his job
in a relaxed and efficient way.


Ocean with boat Sea water


Prince Of Darkness


When our body’s balance is disturbed the
immediate response is stress.
This is a natural reaction and part of our
existence;   but when it gets out of control
the consequences to our health can be severe
and dangerous.

We all are very familiar with the common
symptoms of stress.
The following are some of the most uncommon
symptoms you should be aware of:

a)     Eye pain and Vision problems.

b)     Tingling in the hands and feet.

c)     Sensitive nipples to any touch.

d)     Muscular pains in the lower and upper 
arms and calves.   

e)     Vulval atopic dermatitis.

f)     Interstitial cystitis and other bladder

g)     Herpes in various parts of the body.

h)     Skin rashes and other allergic attacks
(nose, eyes).

i)     Gum disease and abscess.

j)     Persistent yawning.

k)     Persistent dizziness.

l)     Jaw pain.

m)   Very dry mouth.


Green Grass Garden Pond


Grease The Wheels


Here are the best ways to control your
reaction to stress immediately and successfully:

1.     Breathe deeply to lavender essential oil and
repeat a mantra like inner peace .

2.     Laugh loudly.

3.     Listen to music and sing/dance.

4.    Pray to a higher power.

5.     Kiss and hug someone.

6.     Focus on whatever you are doing.

7.     Get out of the house and walk energetically
preferably close to water (Sea, pool, pond, lake,river) 

8.     Talk to yourself, reason and find solutions.

9.     Have a salty snack and a warm cup of
chamomile/herbal tea or pure coconut water.


Bird Bath Water Feature


Upper Hand


The best ways to manage your stress response
are the ones that fit your personal preferences
and needs.

You are unique and your reactions are personal
to you;   so choose the best and most suitable
route to feel relaxed and peaceful.

Exaggerated or chronic response to various
stressors has been chosen by you.
Your brain has been programmed at some point
in your past and now it reacts automatically.

Choose your thoughts very carefully;   then
decide and try to keep your thinking and your
emotions under strict control no matter what
This is the only way to feel healthier and happier.

Always remember,
Inner Calmness is the absolutely best insurance
and protection against stress.






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