Great Barracuda!


Hi there!


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to
prison by a militry court for a crime they
didn’t commit.
These men promptly escaped from a maximum
security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they
survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help,
and if you can find them, maybe you can hire……
the A-Team .

                        Opening narration by John Ashley
                        Narration stated January 1983

I ain’t gettin’ on no plane

                              B.(ad)  A.(ttitude) Baracus

Having had a deep fear of flying he was usually
rendered unconscious before any flight.


Rocky coast at sunset Blue Skies over Ocean


Pessimo Elemento


Flying is the fastest and most convenient way
of transportation.   In today’s society air
travel is a routine part of life, and a unique

Air travel is one of the most safe methods of
travelling with only a negligible chance of
something unexpected happening.

It is a very common phenomenon for people
to suffer from fear of flying.   According to
studies possibly one third of all people have
this problem.

Aerophobia is debilitating resulting in
exaggerated stress and worry followed by
anxiety or panic.  
With dedication and commitment, a lot of
preparation and practice you can overcome
your fear of flying.


Sun through clouds over rocky coast Bright sun in Haze


Born Again


Here are some very useful suggestions to
handle your fear of flying from personal

a)     Learn as much as you possibly can about
flying, how the airplanes works, what is normal
and what is not, and in general what to expect
in order to feel more safe.

b)     Realise that flying is extremely safe and
routine these days, and that the crew are very
experienced so that you can be more relaxed
and comfortable.

c)     Always book direct flights to minimise air
time and on larger planes for smoother flight.

d)     Choose an aisle seat on any of the window
sides and over the wings for better freedom of
movement, to feel less claustrophobic and for
more stability.

e)     Manage your stress and anxiety by
thinking p
ositively and focusing your thoughts
only in
the present.  
If you feel tight tense your muscles and let go.  
Also keep breathing deeply until you feel relaxed.

f)     While seated open the cool air on top of
your seat to chill out.
Also switch your personal reading light on to
brighten your area.

g)     Always have with you salty nuts and
snacks to support your adrenaline levels and
pure coconut water to hydrate.

Also have enough chewing gums to chew
to help your ears during the flight.

h)     Be comfortably dressed, bring music  
with you to listen to what you like, look at
magazines, watch t.v. or talk to someone.
All these will distract you and the flight will
end faster.

i)     If you feel panicky at any time do not worry
because it can not hurt you in any way.
This is only a reaction to your fear and as soon
as you realise that there is no threat anywhere
your fear will disappear.

j)     Always carry with you a bottle of pure
essential lavender oil to smell whenever
you feel agitated.
Also a bottle of rescue remedy and take as


Cloud covered Coastline sun shining through Sun through clouds at the coast


Rise Above


Remember that every time you fly you acquire
experience and knowledge to handle your
phobia more efficiently and confidently.

Defeat your fear of flying;    and enjoy all the 
benefits and compensations of your effort
and accomplishment by being able to visit
other lands.

Enjoy your trip!




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