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Amor ”     
                     Written by :  Ricardo Lopez Mendez   1943 

Original Version Artist :   Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cueva

Amor, amor, amor
nacio de ti, nacio de mi
de la esperanza….
Amor, amor, amor

Sentir que tus besos anidaron en mi
Ignal que palomas mensajeras de luz
Saber que mis besos se quedaron en ti
Haciento en tus labios la senal de la cruz                 


” Eclogues – Eclogue X “

                              Virgil      70 – 19  BC

Omnia vincit amor : et nos cedamus amori


Seated Couple DiscussingRomantic Couple


Today people live better and longer;   they
are healthier, more energetic, hopeful and
sensual.   Consequently older couples still
enjoy sexually fulfilling lives.

Sex is a powerful emotional experience for
people of all ages.   Intimacy is ageless and
an important way to connect and come closer.

Repeated studies report that men and women
over 55 are sexually active.   A healthy sex
life can continue into your 80s and even 90s.
Obviously as people grow older they undergo
many physiological changes, so you have to
look for what is suitable for you according to
your personal circumstances, and what
exactly you want from your partner.


Couple on the BalconyConcupiscentia!_3


Chapter And Verse


Here are a few things to consider:

a)     Do not wait for the desire to overwhelm
you as when you were young.   If you feel
psychologically well think about it and schedule
it according to
your program, and the rest will follow.

b)     Set the mood by putting scented candles
all around your bedroom and soft music to
create atmosphere.

c)     Spend long time playing, cuddling,
caresssing, hugging and kissing a lot.

d)     Explore various options such as manual
stimulation, massage and oral sex.   Be

e)     Use helpers to facilitate the process like
a natural lubricant that makes you feel
comfortable or a sexual enhancement cream.


Couple Holding

Couple Gazing


Inside Story


Staying sexy as you age is all about your
attitude;   it takes effort and work.
Certainly and it goes without saying, you have
to look after yourself to be healthy.
Then feel comfortable with who you are and,
yourself and your appearance.

There is no age limit on sexuality;   sexual
activity and satisfaction are not associated
with age.   If you want to look hot, you
definitely will.

Older people who have a satisfied sex life
are happier with much better quality of life.
it is all down to desire not age.
Proper communication about any changing
needs as well as emotional
and physical
closeness to your partner are
extremely important.

Age is something that happens and there is
nothing we can do about it.
Do not be invisible.   Be enthusiastic and excited,
and start attracting your partner;   develop a
more empowered and adventerous relationship.

Either you are a couple or alone, make sex in
your second half of your life a wonderful and
enjoyable activity.
Have the most exciting experience of your life.

Have a long and pleasant sex life.





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