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Bo was an insurance executive.  Already in
his 50s he had now reached his life’s goal.
He was a very attractive and pleasant grey-
haired man who made people laugh and always
attracted the attention of the female colleagues.

He was always on top of everything and in
full control.  He made a point to visit and
talk to everyone in all departments;  and he
was able to advise his co-workers on any
issues they needed.

He always had a bowl of chocolates on top
of his huge desk and offered to anyone who
visited him.  On the holidays during the year
he was organising office parties to bring all
people together and get to know them better.

Bo was the most likeable, admired and
appreciated boss, who was enjoyed by most
people for his company.

He was Mr Popular!!


Dancing Ladies Piano Player


Words To The Wise


As humans we all need to connect with
each other in order to feel safer and happier;
otherwise we suffer psychological consequences.
Most people need the respect and admiration
of others, but they do not know which qualities
will give them the popularity they want.

There is no magical characteristic that can
make you a popular person;   it is not an inherited
gift but only a matter of knowledge and practice.
Consider the following recommendations to
make yourself popular among your circles.


Women Gossiping 3 Women and a man


The Tip-Offs


a)     Always be your natural self without
trying too hard to be popular by pretending
or offering false praise or magnifying yourself.

b)     Be honest, sincere, kind and friendly
to other people.  Be vulnerable.

c)     Be considerate and helpful to others.
focus on them and do not judge.  Listen,
remember and appreciate any positive
offerings from them.

d)     Be humorous and do not take yourself
too seriously.  Be hospitable and pay
compliments to other people.

e)     Have a positive mental attitude and
transfer positive energy to others.  Be
optimistic, secure, confident and
comfortable with yourself.

f)     Be pleasant and relaxed, and do not
complain or gossip about things or people.

g)     Be  fearless and take risks.  Get
personal and ask people about themselves.
Embrace the power of friendly touch.

h)     Do not compare yourself to others
and do not expect anything from them.
Be humble and give.


3 Women Women arriving


End Of The Line


Follow the above mentioned advice, and
watch how much popular you will be with
even a few changes in the way you treat
the other people.

My message:  

You are extremely important to me!!!





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