Salut a tous!


Back in the early 80s I used to work for
a bank, a job which I really enjoyed.
My manager at the time was a high-powered
man in his late 40s, earning a very comfortable
salary, who was always complaining.

Although he had a powerful position
many would envy, he was never happy with
his job;    and his day-to-day demands
were putting him down.

Every day in his office he was thinking
what steps to take to escape from this
uncomfortable and annoying situation.

After struggling for some time he
finally decided to retire and start running
his own business trading from the
comfort of his own home.

It is very hard and not as safe  and
profitable as being a banker he said
but I feel much happier, I am free and
relaxed;   I now have a much better
quality of life…...


Bushes Garden Palm Tree Cafe


Joie De Vivre


Many people dream of a future that is
very different from their present.
Today humans live longer, enjoy better
health and have a much improved
standard of living.

People above 50 are more relaxed, know
who they are and what they want, and
decide to pursue their fantasies recognising
that they will have the best time of their
lives from now on.

So either you have decided to retire from
your job or you have a lot of free time
to spend every day, find a passion and
chase it with enthusiasm.
It can be anything that makes you feel
good you will redefine yourself in
your own eyes.


Man Jogging Man Cycling


Dernier Cri


The following are only some of the
activities to pursue:

a)     Start the business you always
wanted from the comfort of your own
home.  Register with freelance work
websites  for the work which interests you.

b)     Start a blog sharing all your knowledge
with other people or create your own website
regarding issues that inspire you.

c)     Write a book;   either a novel, or a
cookbook or your memoirs.

d)     Pursue a hobby to keep you focused
and fulfilled;   it can be walking, hiking,
swimming, yoga, bowling, collecting shells or
pebbles, fishing, gardening or photography.

e)     Join a fitness and leisure club not
only to keep fit but also to make new friends.

f)     Start creative activities like, interior
design, cooking/baking, painting/drawing.

g)     Pursue to become as healthy as possible
by adopting a healthy diet, taking supplements,
sleep well, exercise and meditate in nature.

h)     Start reading, researching and listening
to the music you like.

i)     If you like travelling travel either within
your own country to see the other cities, towns
and villages or to other foreign countries to
learn how other people live.

j)     Move to another country, change your
life completely and reinvent yourself.


Promenade Man Fishing


Savoir Faire


When major changes happen in  our
life like, r
etirement or leaving
a job or a relationship we have to take
control and choose to reform our life and
adjust to the new circumstances.

Refuse to surrender quietly into the
middle and old age.  
Do not be stuck and accept the easy route,
but learn to see yourself in a new way,
do not care what other people think

Imagine the enjoyment, fulfillment

and pleasure awaiting ahead.
A well chosen pursuit will have a
tremendous emotional return.
Modify your identity and renovate
your life.
Re-imagine and reshape your
future now   you can do it.

You are on a mission!





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