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She was a redhead bombshell;  
a gorgeous and very popular woman
full of life, who inspired confidence.
She had a good number of friends,
she was going to spas and eating out
every night.

Although she was extremely gifted
and successful with a string of notable
business credits behind her, lately
she was feeling very strange;
“I’m not very well for some time now”
she thought, “I’ve started putting on a
lot of weight, and the more I think of
it the more I’m losing my confidence.
I feel bad emotionally and terribly

She struggled for a number of weeks,
suffering not knowing what to do;
then suddenly, “I can’t allow this to
destroy my life and lose everything
I have achieved until now.   I’m starting
a diet and regular exercise immediately”.

And that said, her inner strength returned;
after a while her appearance improved,
her confidence level increased;   and
before long she was back to her old self
and life hoping never to slip back again.


Confident Woman Confident Woman


Refined Taste


Self-confidence is the feeling of certainty
and belief we have for our abilities, our
power and worth regardless of any
We are self-conscious of our inner
strength;   we feel relaxed, self-assured,
calm and peaceful.

A self-confident person takes risks
and makes things happen.
is fearless, always finds
solutions to every problem
succeeds in every situation.

He/she goes further in life by
working positively towards what
they want.
Self-confidence is all about the
way we think  —  and although it
is very hard, it can be learnt;
unless we are born with it.


Man on jet-ski Red Antique Car


The Whole Story


Follow these quick actions every day
to increase your self-confidence
and become successful:

a)     Your external appearance must
be perfect;   so look after your face
and body, exercise to be fit and wear
fashionable and stylish clothes.

b)     Your body language is vital.
Always walk tall, energetically and
confidently keeping your head up;
make eye contact, smile and talk

c)     Your mentality is extremely
important.   Feel strong and powerful,
and always have a positive mental
attitude and anticipate definite
outcomes.   Read and listen to inspiring
and motivational work;   like yourself
more than anything.

d)     Learn and obtain skills in the
subjects of your interest to be efficient
in whatever you do and be successful
in your life.

e)     Show that you have the passion and
energy, and put an effort to become
popular and attractive to other people
by giving compliments and speaking up.

f)     Having the right possessions like
a house, a car, bank accounts as well as
certificates, diplomas and other
qualifications will boost your confidence
level even further.


Sun glittering in the mediterranean. Sun through clouds


Stamp Of Approval


If you are looking for a permanent
and long term solution to building
your self-confidence do this:

Firstly decide what makes you feel
confident now in your life,
(work, possessions, beauty, youth).

Then ask yourself why this is so.
Is it your character or something forced
upon you by today’s society;
(your past, people’s opinions).

If it is your character, then you are a
very lucky person;    otherwise
realise that anything is true as long
as you believe in it.

Consequently the permanent solution
is to completely detach yourself from
every external influence and start
seeing your own worth.

In this way you will be free and live
your life to the full;   because confidence
is only a decision the unique, powerful
and definite decision to feel confident.


Self-confidence statue Perfect female




Conquer your challenges and live
your greatest life possible.
Do not repel people around you,
and do not be heavy and a drag
to others.

Feel certain, positive and self-assured.
Become your superior self.

Always inspire confidence.

Just believe in yourself totally.

Take action now!





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