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It was the wedding of the year;
full of upper class guests, the press,
top quality and rare foods and lots
of entertainment.

She was there, too, one of the v.i.p.
guests;   the most attractive and
beautiful woman around.

She was gorgeous wearing a short,
blonde glamorous haircut;   her green
eyes were enticing  and her magnificent
red lips were captivating.

She was dressed in a turquoise, tight
strapless dress revealing her exquisite
body.   Her dazzling turquoise stilettos,
all shiny satin, made her look so sexy.

She entered the huge reception room
in such glorious confidence;
all heads turned towards her, and all
eyes were nailed on her.
She felt fearless, strong and very
powerful within herself…….


Woman shopping in Paris Woman shopping in London


Drop Dead


A well-dressed woman is always
admired and respected wherever
she goes any time of the day.
She bears no resemblance to other
women;   she knows who she is and
what she stands for.

This woman is aware beyond doubt
of her personal quality;   she looks
the part and she is proud of it.
Her external appearance and internal
world are totally and utterly coordinated.

She looks great in her well-fitted colourful
clothes, real sexy and utterly sophisticated.
She wears Confidence.


Fabulous Lace Stilettos Classy Stilettos


Dress To Kill


The following recommendations are an
excellent guide if you want to be seen
as such a woman.


A)     Declutter and organise your wardrobe
according to colours, functions, mix and match,
seasons and hours of the day.

Plan and set all your clothes according to every
occasion as well as the weather at the time.


B)     Always combine expensive and cheap
items to create an impression.


C)     Do not follow fashion trends but use
timeless pieces to feel fantastic and flattered,
comfortable and pretty.


D)     Wear the right accessories for the
specific occasion without exaggerating.
Do not overdo and overstate with


Girl About Town Shoes Shopping


E)     Choose the proper underwear making
certain nothing is visible.
Always pay attention to details.


F)     Ensure that the clothes you wear are
well-maintained, cleaned, ironed and
perfectly fitted to compliment your body.


G)     Take your time when you dress,
think carefully what you wear and do
not hurry to go before you are 100%
satisfied with your image.


H)     Develop and keep your own
signature style hat makes you feel
happy and comfortable.
Establish a credible, genuine and
sustainable style that is absolutely
yours according to:

—     Inspiration
     Your body shape

and it can be:

—     Classic
—     Dramatic
—     Romantic


Style and Elegance Women Shopping


Clean Cut


What we wear reveals  our innermost
selves.   Our clothes and colours tell
the world how we feel internally.

Clothes are a way to express ourselves;
they reflect our personality who we are.
Your wardrobe is the mirror reflecting
your image to the world, so equip it
with items suited to your dynamism.

Always dress only for yourself;
dress to feel good, and not to show off.
This is the only way to be in style.

Are you wearing your confidence?





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