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Kaj was a very successful and attractive man.
He was playing golf and squash on
a regular basis
as well as going to the
gym twice a week.

Although he was rich, fit and so good looking, he
had already started worrying
about getting older;
his external
appearance, his health, his energy levels.

Divorced twice and already in his late 60s he was
now preparing to meet his new
romantic companion
in this beautiful
restaurant of her choice by the pool.

He drove through the long tunnel feeling more and
more worried about 
his appearance;
“what will she think about my grey hair and my sagging
neck…” he thought anxiously.

He finally arrived and met with Izzy.
They both walked in this wonderful restaurant with its
walls full of 
beautiful women of an older era.

The lights were low and the music so romantic;
but the only thing Kaj was really worried  about
at the moment 
was his image.

As if Izzy sensed that something was going on, she ordered a
Nobile Di Montepulciano Riserva, a fantastic red
wine for this special 
dinner for them to feel comfortable and pleasant……


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Semper Anticus


Our today’s world is so obsessed with youth and beauty
that many people 
start feeling fear, anxiety, loneliness
and regret as they grow older.

Obviously there is no cure for growing old;
it is an unfortunate fact, and one of the most dreaded life
experiences —  
but it is all about attitude.
Being optimistic and enthusiastic you can revitalize
yourself at any age.


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Semper Liber


As long as we are alive and healthy we will always
fight to win, we will be fascinated by all new things to
happen, we will feel stressed and anxious, we will desire,
love and 
be loved.

We are above our image so we should never be tied to
our external 
It is only our
body that is becoming older and maturing,
not our spirit and soul.

Ageing happens only when we totally abandon ourselves.
People who age choose to do so.
They give up and surrender to this deterioration.


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Semper Fortis


The following key ways will help you fight the fear of ageing:


A)     Relationships:

It is absolutely crucial to feel a sense of connection to at least
one important 
person in your life, and in whose company
we find peace and love.

At the same time be friendly to other people to feel
more connected.


B)     Spirituality:

Be in touch with a power beyond yourself that gives
you inner refuge and home like, meditation, prayer or
nature to feel peaceful.


C)     Health:

Eat a healthy diet, take natural exercise, read widely and
well to learn, develop as a human and accept.


D)     Creativity:

Enrich your daily life with various activities like gardening,
crafting or painting to be connected with the universe.


E)     Acceptance:

Embrace, love and respect your age.
This is your time now.
Own the ageing process and value yourself.
You are now more intelligent, experienced, wise, carefree,
satisfied, emotionally
balanced and beautiful.


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Sempre Invicte


Welcome the changes and mystery of the coming years.
Continue to adjust to the different situations and conditions
of the
ageing process and create a positive and
wonderful agenda.

In many ways getting older means getting better, and
according to 
research more intelligent.

Play the game!!





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