He was a famous and brilliant lawyer,
and she was waiting outside his elaborate
office to be interviewed for the position
of legal assistant.  She was called in and
offered a sit in his 
private lounge until he
was ready to see her.

Then he stood up and walked towards her…..






Our eyes met, and it was ecstasy..! 
euphoria..!   It’s crazy but I’d never felt like
this before.    It was the most wonderful
feeling I’d ever experienced;   I felt I’d
known her all my life;   it’s unbelievable..!

I was so impressed by her stunning appearance.
We stared at each other’s eyes while introducing
ourselves feeling love instantly;   we were so
completely besotted and captivated with
each other.

I was absolutely dying to discover everything
about this fantastic woman.   We met a
number of times, then I realised this
sensational female symbolized all I’d
ever wished for.

I was thrilled, intoxicated and totally
excited.   Bizarre and incredible that
everything was coming so easy for us;
we seemed to think, like and want all
the same things in our life…..! .

A month later they moved-in together,
and four months later they got married.
They needed and were perfect for
each other.   Until today their great
and outstanding love is strong and
surviving the very hard and exhausting
test of time.


Card-Couples-05 Card-Fun-Husband


Flip Over


We grow and evolve as individuals
constantly, and with time passing
it becomes more and more difficult
to keep the bond strong with the most
important other person in our life;
especially if we have been in the
relationship for many years.

You have to work hard;   you have
to be willing to make the effort.
Everybody wants to have a solid,
secure and healthy relationship,
but the majority of people do not
know how.

During difficult, worrying and
problematic times couples start
working against each other.
They get upset and start arguing
and fighting between them even
about unimportant issues.

They neglect each other, become
ironic and demanding,
and begin
insulting the other
partner to his/her
face and behind
their backs.

The situation gets out of hand and
finally they turn to other people to
find relief, feel better, comfort
themselves and most often to
revenge their partner.

Tactics like these never end up well
and lead to permanent distance
between the partners, and unrepairable
damage at the end.


Card-Couple-Kissing DSC01965


Fairy Tale


The following is well-researched inside
information on how to keep your
relationship alive and strong:

a)     Cultivate Gratitude:

Do nice things for your partner and
say the right words to feel more
Each day focus on looking for the good
things in him/her.
Be grateful for who they are as a person.

b)     Try Fun Things Together:

Exercise, take leisure walks, test new
foods, take evenings out (dinner, drinks,
cinema, theatre), visit places and
take pictures.
All these will make you feel like a team,
you will be more excited, closer and
much happier.

c)     Celebrate Achievements:

Support your partner through rough
times as well as when things go right.
Be proud of him/her and have faith.
Not only you will have pleasant
and enjoyable times together but
also you will have fewer conflicts.

d)     Laugh And Play Together:

Sing and dance in the kitchen, have
a pillow fight when making the bed,
tickle him/her, tell jokes, watch
comedy films.
Lighten up, relax and bring humour
and laughter to your life to create
a more satisfied and happy


Card-Couples-08 Card-Couples-03


Last Word


If you want to have a great relationship
and your love to be alive forever,
total communication is the key.

We communicate not by just talking
to each other, but by listening to
the other person, by being open
and honest, by focusing on the subject
of discussion and by paying attention
to the body language.

Never ever take your partner for
granted;   and always be affectionate,
caring and understanding.

A powerful and secure relationship
is the one which the partners show
respect and kindness towards
each other.

Form a strong bond and bring
closeness, authenticity, trust, faith,
truthfulness and support to your

Act immediately before it is too late!





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