Seeds of Vision!


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Ian Fleming’s
For Your Eyes Only 1981

……” For your eyes only, only for you
You see what no one else can see
No one’s breaking free, for your eyes only Only for you

The passions that collide in me
The wild abandoned side of me Only for you,

For your eyes only“.

   Written by Bill Conti
                   Performed by Sheena Easton


SeedsofVision-8 SeedsofVision-7




Of all our five senses, the most incredibly
important is our
Consequently, it is certainly very wise to take
all  the
necessary steps to protect and maintain
the health o
f our eyes.

As we age many thing can go wrong:
genetics, accidents and our whole lifestyle,
have serious negative influences.

So it is vital to support our vision with the right
nutrition, supplements, safety measures
and lifestyle.


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Establish an unrefined healthy diet, and avoid
caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars and all

Eat the following delicious whole foods to protect
your vision.


1)    Yellow and Orange fruits and vegetables,
rich in Beta Carotene.

2)    Dark Green vegetables.

3)    Citrus fruits and Berries.

4)    Eggs, rich in Lutein.

5)    Fatty Fish, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

6)    Nuts and Seeds.


SeedsofVision-4 SeedsofVision-3


Supplemental Front


You can add the following useful vitamins to your
daily diet routine.


1)    Beta Carotene & Vitamin A

2)    Vitamin C

3)    Omega 3 Fatty Acids

4)    Vitamin E

5)     Lutein

6)     Zinc & Selenium


SeedsofVision-6 SeedsofVision-5


On The Side


To safeguard your eyes’ health:

a)    Wear sunglasses when outside to protect the eyes
from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays;   and never
look directly in the sun even with sunglasses.

b)    Every twenty (20) minutes look away for half a
minute from whatever you do to relax the eyes.

c)    Blink often to keep eyes hydrated.

d)    Adopt a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of your
life.   Be extremely careful of any accidental damage,
do not smoke and drink alcohol.


SeedsofVision-10 SeedsofVision-9


Spare The Rod


Avoid rough washing, rubbing and pulling
the skin around your eyes.

Avoid using any waxing products around
the eye area because the skin there is too
delicate and sensitive, and can be damaged.

Always use products specifically made
for the skin around the eyes.


Best Eye Masks


A)     Cucumber

Just take two cold cucumber slices
and use them as eye patches.
Your eyes will feel cool and any
puffiness and darkness will disappear.


B)     Tea Bags


Make tea and refrigerate the bags
for 30 minutes.   Then place the bags
on your eyes for 15 minutes.
This will reduce any swelling.


Are you taking care of your eyes?

If not, start immediately!





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