Hi there!


Bo was now in his late 40s;   a very
smart and good-looking man, he
was always attracting all the attention
wherever he went.

Bo had a very demanding job that
needed most of his time;   and although
he loved all the financial benefits not
only he was unable to enjoy any private
life but also he was not satisfied with
the work itself any more and this
was frightening him.

He was working longer hours and even
nights sometimes;   and the requests
on him kept on piling up.
His mobile phone wouldn’t stop ringing
and his inbox was overflowing.

He had started feeling undervalued
and unappreciated, and he felt
he was becoming mentally and
physically exhausted.

I’m not feeling very well;  I have to do
something about this now before it’s
too late”  he thought,  so from tomorrow
I’m putting some personal time into my
daily schedule and I’ll start managing
my workload more efficiently.

Bo discussed his decision with his
partner, who had gone through similar
troubles before;   you got out just in
time  he said and patted him on his
shoulder gently.


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Cut Loose


New Year is just around the corner,
and many people decide to refocus their
attention on new or more suitable
things in their life, so they can be happier.

Now is the perfect time to decide to
let go of old habits and other matters
that made you unhappy, miserable
and sad during the past year.

In order not to have set backs remind
yourself on a regular basis of all the
benefits you will enjoy when you
achieve your goals.


Otvungenhet-4 Otvungenhet-3


Kiss Goodbye


So for the New Year decide to abandon
the following:

A)     Your Stresses

*    Approach and meet up with happy people.
   Replace your thoughts with pleasant ones.
*    Use a deep breathing technique.
*    Imagine your life in 10/20 years forward.
   Have sauna to relax.
*    Always laugh.

B)     Life’s Annoyances

*    Take responsibility for your own actions.
*    Put yourself in the other person’s position
       in order to understand the problem.
*    Either remove yourself from the situation
       or change it if you can or accept it.

C)     Past Relationships

*    Remember both the good and the bad
      things regarding the connection.
   Replace all your thoughts about the
       past with your present facts.
   Visualise yourself as you were before
       and create your present reality.

D)     Life’s Disappointments

*     Change your perception of the situation.
*     See the root of the problem, understand
        it and accept it.
*     Take an immediate positive action, like
        looking for a job.


Otvungenhet-5 Otvungenhet-6


Chill Out


Learning to start over in certain areas
of your life is a very big challenge, but
at the end you will feel so much better,
more satisfied and happier.

Your life will become more efficient,
powerful, productive and complete.

Vow to take a closer look and decide
what is best for you, and do it.

Turn over a new leaf!

Start fresh!

Be reborn!





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