Stile Di Vita!




Always in my life I have been a very fit
person.   As a child I was playing outside our
home most hours of the day, and walking
with my father forever.

As a teenager I was regularly walking everywhere.
Later on I was attending dancing and ballet classes.

Other times I was playing tennis and golf. 

Since 2000 I was constantly going
to gyms;   and for the last few years I went
back to walking on a daily basis.


Stile Di Vita-1 Stile Di Vita-2


Never – Ending


We all get used to living in our very specific ways,
developing our daily routines for decades;
and at some point we stop noticing whether they
are suitable and to our benefit any more.

It is very important from time to time to review how
appropriate and useful for the decade we are going
through our lifestyle is, instead of continuing to
that all is well as usual.

You may need to make some adjustments in some
areas of your life.     A healthy lifestyle helps people
feel good, be healthy
and live longer.


Stile Di Vita-3 Stile Di Vita-4


Spes Bona


A)     Diet:


The average moderately active woman needs to
around 1,800 calories per day.

According to official recommendations, our daily
intake should be as follows:

1)    55% of carbohydrates
2)    15% should be protein
3)    30% should be fats
4)    400gr should be fruits and vegetables
5)     Eat raw tree nuts and seeds.

Eat a little every three (3) hours, only whole foods,
to ensure continual  energy

Avoid processed sugars in various foods, and
limit alcohol and dairy consumption.

Drink enough liquids during the day to keep hydrated.

Eat healthy fats like, olive oil and coconut oil.


B)     Fitness:


From midlife onwards people’s general fitness
performance starts declining, even if they have been
very fit and active in earlier years.

Try to keep moderately active for thirty (30)
minutes per day.
Count at least 5,000 steps daily.

Additionally, stand often, stretch and lift various
objects, like
chairs, shopping bags, etc.


Stile Di Vita-7 Stile Di Vita-8


C)     General Health:


Sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours every night.
Keep stress under control by using herbal
teas or herbal supplements and vitamins.
Also use relaxation techniques.

Take a multivitamin supplement or individual
vitamins daily.

Keep good beautifying routines for face and body,
and look after your mouth and teeth.

Keep good relationships and socialize often.


D)     Home:


Our home is our sanctuary, and we want to feel
comfortable and relaxed in it.

Keep your home clean, tidy and uncluttered.
Use colours, lights, sounds and smells to feel


Stile Di Vita-5 Stile Di Vita-6


Ad Infinitum


Establishing a healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital to
keeping ourselves:

a)    Physically and mentally in good condition.
b)    Pleased, peaceful and comfortable.
c)    Fit and energetic.

Keep a journal about all your actions and goals.
Imagine you have a Delete button for your mind,

and start using it without any hesitation
every time any negativity appears, and focus
on all positive things to come.

Do you live your life with purpose?
If not, start immediately!





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