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It was a few summers ago when she used to go to the
beach every day at around 3pm.
She was wearing her tiny bikini, a sports hat and
huge sun glasses.

She used to place her gigantic American Express towel on
the wooden lounger under
an umbrella, and taking her
tanning lotion
she started squirting it on her attractive chest.

She applied the lotion generously all over her remarkable
body caressing and loving
her soft suntanned skin.
She was looking so cool and radiant.

There were mainly adult people in the beach at that
time — the primary reason
she was going this hour.
She couldn’t miss but noticing how many eyes turned
to admire her striking appearance.

She felt very sexy;   and her couldn’t-care-less attitude
seemed to be attracting even more
interest from the people around.
She was a sensual sexagenarian, with no expiry date…


Longevidad_2 Longevidad_1


Es Casi Seguro


Time ago when you passed 35 years or so you were considered
old and not
sexually attractive any more.
Those times are gone!
Older women today are healthier than ever, live longer and
they are sexy.
They follow the latest fashion, hairstyles and they have an
active life.

Older women today know who they are, they are age
confident and they
love themselves.


Longevidad_6 Longevidad_5


Poco A Poco


Although the body continues to wear down there are many
practical steps we can
take on a daily basis to prolong our
appearance and life.

The following supplements are helpful:


1)   Vitamin B Complex.

2)   Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

3)   Magnesium.

4)   Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.

5)   Coenzyme Q10.

6)   Vitamin D3.

7)   Selenium.

8)   Resveratrol.

9)   Hyaluronic Acid


Longevidad_3 Longevidad_4


Longevity Enhancers


The following tips will improve your chances of living longer.


1)      Adopt a nutritious diet to include whole grains,
lean meats, wild fish,
fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices,
healthy oils and herbal teas.


2)      Keep a healthy weight for your size and height,
and do not overeat.


3)      Exercise regularly with walking outdoors, swimming
in natural waters
and stretching by doing your housework.


4)      Keep your mind active by reading, learning and writing.


5)      Take care of your teeth by flossing every night and
brushing twice a day, every day.


6)      Sleep deeply from 6 to 8 hours every night in a dark
and quiet bedroom.


7)      Have loving connections in your life including marriage.


8)      Surround yourself with plants, water and sunshine.


9)      Have a positive mental attitude at all times.


10)     Be an optimist, feel confident and keep all things
in your life under control
to minimize stress.


11)     Be prudent, responsible, persistent and spiritual.


12)     Be financially stable.


The word Age equals only a chronological number and
if you think positively
about it it doesn’t matter;
Just ignore it and live your life as best as you can.





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