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The interview:


…..”A woman in her 50s or 60s can be as appealing
as a girl in her 20s as long as she
recognises her own strenghts.

The number doesn’t mean anything, and all women should
appreciate who they are
at any stage in their lives and
have the
right attitude”.

She paused for a moment, as if she needed to collect her
thoughts and continued.
“I feel much more alive now than when I was young;
I feel liberated, more
secure and much wiser.

I must emphasize though, that I do take great care of myself,
and I am extremely
kind to my skin and my whole body.

Definitely I now feel more beautiful than ever….”.


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Sic Vita Est


The majority of middle aged women worry that they are
losing their good looks, so they
want to look younger.
Unfortunately many of them wear styles that make
them look older.

You cannot take back the time, but looking good and
young makes you feel radiant, more
confident, attractive
and much happier.

So if you feel young on the inside you do not want to
portray an older image to the world.
A younger look is not an impossible dream.


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Radix Verum


Avoid the following style errors to look much younger than your age.


A)    Reading glasses on your nose with or without a chain
attached to them.
If you need them to read buy a pair which is “fun”
(with decorations) or
“cute” (with different colours).


B)    Grey hair — which can be very chic and many women
choose to keep it
like that these days — makes you look older.
If you want to look younger and
you do not want to use any
chemical dyes
use a natural method like various teas to
enhance your natural colour.


C)     Draining colours that wash your skin out and make
you look older
and tired.
Instead wear youthful
pinks, bright blues, maroon, bronze,
corals  and turquoise.


D)    Wearing wrinkled fabrics.
Instead wear denims which have a youthful vibe, and a
very well fitted bras.


Sapientia-1 Sapientia-5


E)    Tying any kind of cardigan around your waist,
because it will make you
look bigger and fatter.
Wear jackets
and blazers that create definition to off-set
your body shape.


F)    White sneakers, socks and track suit, because this is an
oldish and outdated
look unless you are in the gym.
Instead wear black or colourful well designed comfort
shoes that are youthful
and easy to walk.


G)    Too much make up.
The right colour
lipstick and some luminescent eye shadow
or a little touch with your lipstick on your eyelids will suffice.


Sapientia-6 Sapientia-3


Sine Metu


—    Always keep your skin and hands moisturised.

—    Maintain good posture to remove years from your age.

—    Gain a little weight if you are above 55 because fat helps
smooth out wrinkles
and make you look younger.

—    Do not over-pluck or draw your eyebrows into arches
because it is ageing.


Change the way you think about yourself.

You look as good as you feel.

You are as young as you feel.

Desire it….    Accept it….   Accomplish it….




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