She was a celebrated Diva.
Her talent was outstanding, and she had given
many impressing live
performances during the years.

She was very attractive and extremely successful.
Now she was preparing to go on stage once again
for this long-waited
act of her entire life.

Although she was so famous, she had been battling
anxiety forever;
and this time did not prove to be any different.

She went on stage, looked at the crowds and started
singing, when suddenly
it all came back.
She started struggling;    “dear me!  I totally forget
my words”, she thought.

Then she remembered, as usually: she started breathing
deeply and tried
to persuade herself that there was
no threat or danger anywhere……


Bekymmer_01 Bekymmer_02


Ball And Chain


The modern world — our crumbly world!
Today we live in a fragile world, where everything can
change from one minute
to another.

Life is full of developments, surprises and challenges;
and if we allow it,
it will leave us full of anxiety and
continuous worry.

You have the choice that has the power to change
your life completely.
You can find a way to flip anxiety on its head and turn
it into a wisdom that
will permit you to start enjoying
your whole existence.


Bekymmer_03 Bekymmer_04


Rain Or Shine


Try my following heavily researched advice and you
will NEVER feel  anxious again.




Keep under total control your,


a)      Breathing

b)      Posture

c)      Body Movements

d)      Facial Expressions

e)      Tone of Voice




a)      Discipline your thoughts.
Any negativity, turn it to positive thinking
immediately — otherwise
forget it completely.
Feel calm and peaceful.


b)      Feel strong and powerful, so nothing can
disturb your peace
of mind.
Feel invincible.


B I O  C H E M I S T R Y


Use the following daily:


a)     —   Vitamin C                   1000mg

           Vitamin D3                  2000IU

           Zinc                               20mg

           Quercetin                     500mg

           Coenzyme Q10            100mg

           Omega 3 fatty acids    2800mg

           Magnesium                   400mg

          Vitamin B complex High Potency


b)        Chamomile Tea

           Lemon Balm Tea

        —    Linden Flower Tea


c)        Lavender Essential Oil

        —   Lemon Essential Oil

           Rose Essential Oil


Bekymmer_05 Bekymmer_06




Life is too short and too precious to spend it suffering
and unhappy.
You have full power over your mind.
Make peace with yourself.
Make peace with your heart and soul.

Make the right choice.

Make the heroic choice.




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