Naught Without Labor!


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All through their lives women continuously
struggle to keep
their weight in the levels
they feel comfortable with;

either for health reasons or for appearance
or due to
social pressures.

As the years go the body goes through
various stages,
so women try to either
lose or gain weight according

to the pattern each time.

In respect of the age, body frame and
height, the ideal
weight varies among

At an older age being a little overweight
is healthier
than being thinner or even
at normal weight;  

and being a little overweight women
are not at any greater risk for mortality.


Naught_005 Naught_004


The Offenders


Female fat cells are larger and more
active than their
male counterparts.
They also tend to keep growing in
size and numbers
as we move to the
middle years and until the age of

more or less sixty.

This is because during the peri-menopausal
between forty and sixty approximately,
female hormone
levels decline.
Therefore, the more fat cells the more
oestrogen is
produced in the body to
balance the shortage;

so we can keep healthier physically
and emotionally.

As a consequence, gaining more weight
in mid life
is actually the body’s
mechanism to safeguard our
wellness as our bodies change.


Naught_006 Naught_001


The Secrets


The key to a healthy life as we age
is to take the
necessary steps to
protect ourselves.


A)    Do not diet because this will cause
problems and weight gain.

B)    Keep active as much as possible.

C)    Eat five to six small meals
during the day.

D)    Eat protein and healthy fats with
most meals.

E)    Reduce your stress levels and try
to be happy.


Naught_007 Naught_008


The Decisions


In the post-menopausal years the
body’s fat cells
become more stable
and your weight will start

The formula to a healthy life is
general fitness
not fatness.
The most important thing is who we
are and not
how much we weigh.

We must embrace our maturing
bodies together
with its changes,
and enjoy our journey through

to mid life and beyond.





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